Is the question I get all the time from all those who hear that I do Past Life Regression therapy. They also ask ‘will those memories affect my current life relationships?’  And the answer to both is YES.


Past Life Regression

Now depending upon whether the person is visual or auditory or kinesthetic, the recall of a past life may be different. Some see it as a entire movie, while others just get ‘an understanding’ of the entire story from some images, some don’t see anything at all but just sense or feel it. Some connect with sounds or sensations. Only those who are too conscious, too excited or are expecting too much tend to not get into a Past life regression at all!

During the entire session the client keeps replying to question posed by the therapist to guide him/her through the entire ‘story’/past life recall. All throughout the client is always aware, and at times if they want to use the toilet also, they get up, go and again come back to the therapist who can take them back to where they left the story!

Hence, there is literally no ‘going somewhere’ – its just like telling back a story – but because it comes from the subconscious it becomes loaded with emotions, feelings, and at times client gets into an intense emotional experience or catharsis (which is also good since it releases a lot of suppressed emotions and resultant blockages)

Such a past life regression experience does affect current life relationships – but always in a positive way – since the client always knows its only a past life recall and not a current life situation. When we watch a movie, we get carried away, we learn our lessons, we get some new ideas, inspirations, some insights and yet we always know its only a movie. We go back and apply whatever we Workshop wish to from that movie experience that may help us. Same with a past life recall. The client gets a lot of insights from the subconscious mind – which is not easily available to the conscious critical mind – and these insights at times are life changing. Based on the intention of the session the client can get whatever he/she wants out of the session – which is usually aimed at improving current life relationships or getting a different perspective to cope with them. Hence such sessions do affect the current life relationships by giving insights, perspectives and ideas to improve any damaged relationship.

This link to a blog by a person who went thru a past life experience may be helpful to those who want to know details of how a session goes – however the steps may vary based on each therapist. But this link may give some idea about the process.

So keeping all those ‘conscious mind’ (aka analyzing, logical) questions aside, just go for it and experience it with an open mind – see how it opens the doors to so many different experiences and insights which may otherwise have gone by inexperienced!

Best results are when clients come with least expectations and just go with the flow.