Story and testimonials – Inner Child Work & Healing from within

Story and testimonials – Inner Child Work & Healing from within

Its definitely not a coincidence that after completing my 1st module of Inner Child Integration Training I have come back to 3 clients who had severely wounded inner children. One was a retd prof of psychology – whInner Child, Sound Healingose childhood was full of physical abuse and violence. The little girl seeing the father beat up the mother and siblings on daily basis with a stick had decided she will be a fighter – will be strong and yet her little self was also carrying the guilt of not being able to protect her mom. She ended up marrying a totally weak man who is a polarizing opposite of her father and that itself is a big issue for her. Betrayal by the father throughout her child and adult life got carried forward as betrayal by husband as well. She hears voices of people talking about her all the time for last 7 yrs – in a rustic village dialect 24×7….stress coupled with extreme pain, bitterness, betrayal and constant need to feel loved has left her with various ailments like high BP, Diabetes etc

The other two ladies (both non Indians) also had a few inner children who were suffering from guilt and helplessness. A 3 yr old little girl who lost her dad held herself responsible (and interestingly that guilt for being responsible for that was coming from her mother, it wasn’t even her own!) The other client had been a witness to her parents constant fights and also her grandparents – and she herself had moved from one relationship to another – abusive as well. Both went back feeling so much lighter and also realised where they really needed to work on. She had lost her mother at young age, not had her closure and had refused to see her in her last moments – managed to have a conversation with the moms energy, forgive her and also seek forgiveness and move on with a sense of lightness and relief. She also managed to get rid of an energy attachment of 20 yrs and connect to her higher self for better understanding of her life purpose.

And yet all the 3 were just 1st sessions. The journey ahead seems better – I know all 3 will find themselves in a totally new space (they even felt so after the 1st session) as they complete the therapy!

As for me, I am GRATEFUL and Satisfied. Its not very often that I get clients who are so willing and receptive to self healing….

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