Emotional First Aid – A modern day necessity (Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT)

Modern society is too focused on physical body and health:

emotional first aid

Enough is written about the effect of negative thoughts and beliefs on our mind and (eventually) on our physical health.  Science has now proven that the thoughts affect our mind and eventually it manifests in our physical body.  Our modern society is very pre-occupied with physical health. For example, we spend millions globally on beauty care products which focuses on our outer appearance. Our nutrition is largely focused on the physical body.  Our daily work-out is often oriented towards our physical health.  Our first-aid  (at workplace or at home) is also focused on physical body !

Holistic approach and our multiple sheaths of existence

If you take Pancha Kosha (holistic) approach to our existing, we are not just our physical body. We have energy body and also mental (or emotional) sheath too !  If we need a first-aid for our physical body, why not learn how to take care of our emotions when they go out of control??  We have often asked this questions to corporate leaders, plant managers, doctors as well as families and individuals – only to get a blank response. 

Why do we need to expand our skills to include Emotional First-Aid techniques?

It is time we learn and experiment with emotional first-aid techniques.  Negative emotions such as fear, negativity, anxiety, depression, anger and jealousy often take control of our mind and we often end up doing things we regret later.  If we learn how to recognise these emotions and more importantly, understand what are the triggers, we could circumvent these emotions and ideally eliminate them to a large extent. If you believe it is too difficult to eliminate such states, we must at least learn how to reduce the long term effect of such emotions on our mind and body.

Is this scientific?

Yes, there is enough scientific evidence backing the use of Emotional Freedom Technique for both psychological and physiological conditions. A list of research articles are captured at the end of this write-up for those who wish to review the scientific evidence.


To summarise, each one of us must learn how to recognise the triggers of negative emotions and understand how to become aware of such emotions.  Moreover, when we learn some simple techniques (Such as Emotional Freedom Techniques-EFTs, Anchoring, Deep Breathing and so on), we can be in more control of such situations and of course reduce the effect of stress and negative emotions on us. We teach such techniques in workshops or individual one on one formats and they are very simple to learn and with practice, you can learn to put such techniques into daily action.  We also conduct short workshops on “Emotional First-Aid” for families and corporates.

How can I learn ?

We cover this as part of the Module 1 – The Journey within.  This module is part of the 6 modules of Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification.

Contact us at [email protected] or 9574742288 if you are keen to learn more about this. 

Scientific reading on Emotional Freedom Technique:

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