Nitrix Oxide by Humming and its potential benefits for Covid-19

Written by Gunjan Y Trivedi, Meenakshi Nair (PhD), Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space, Ahmedabad, India.

Evidenced-based recommendation:  Please see our short research paper summarizing the evidence presented below. Click HERE.

Did you know? The importance of Nitric oxide

Nitric oxide plays a very important role in cardiovascular and immune system health[1]. The studies have confirmed that Nitric Oxide levels in Covid-19 patients were significantly lower related to vascular dysfunction and immune inflammation, among other issues.

Recent evidence for inhaled NO for Covid-19

Subsequent research is now highlighting the importance of inhaled NO during multiple stages of Covid-19 prevention or therapy[2] [3].

Research over the past few months have validated the use of inhaled NO for Covid-19.

  • In a trial one company found that by using inhaled NO, among the infected participants 95% of them reduced the viral load by more than 95% within 24 hours of treatment, eventually reaching a 99% reduction in viral load within 72 hours. The trial also confirmed that the treatment accelerated the clearance of the viral load by a factor of 16-fold vs placebo[4].
  • A similar study in Boston for the use of inhaled NO found a positive impact on 39 patients (with Covid-19)[5].

How can I inhale NO or What can I do to increase my nasal NO levels?

At Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space, we are conducting research on the impact of humming (Simple Bhramari practice).  In the process, we have highlighted several benefits of humming practice such as improved lung function, heart function, quality of sleep, sinusitis, allergic sinusitis etc.  However, the most relevant benefit of humming, relevant for Covid-19, is its ability to increase the Nitric oxide levels! The research has confirmed that compared to slow breathing, humming increased the nasal nitric oxide levels by 15 times[6] [7]!

Call for action:

We would like to encourage everyone to do 10 to 15 mins of simple humming daily.  The best way to do humming is to inhale for 3 to 5 seconds, followed by exhalation while making the nasal humming sound for about 6 to 8 seconds.  If you can’t find one slot, you could do 5 mins humming several times during the day.

This activity can not only improve your lung, heart functions and nervous system balance, but it can also provide you with the much-needed nitric oxide in a natural and safe way that plays an important role in potentially preventing or managing Covid-19 infection.


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[3] This means, NO could be useful during several stages of the covid-19 treatment.

  1. Prevention of infection
  2. Intervention for mild patients
  3. Alternative rescue treatment for patients with moderate and severe conditions
  4. And finally, as potential adjuvant treatment for patients on ventilator

[4] A placebo is an inactive drug or treatment used in a clinical trial. It is sometimes referred to as a “sugar pill.” A placebo-controlled trial compares a new treatment with a placebo.

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Nitric Oxide by Humming and its potential benefits for Covid-19

Instructions for humming (simple Bhramari)

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