Wellness Space is proud to be associated with many institutions for projects and research.  We have developed two case studies on quality of life for oral cancer survivors and one technical note on chronic disease with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) under the guidance of Prof K V Ramani and the teams from Gujarat Cancer Research Institute and Apollo Hospital.  Wellness Space has also been featured in one of the case studies (Click HERE for details).  Wellness Space has worked with Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar to offer an elective to the Masters Students on Quality of life and Chronic disease and with Anant National University to provide elective for the fellowship students. (Details below)

We have also worked with L D College of Engineering (GTU), PDPU (MA Psychology program and psychology project with Fariburz Irani-see publication below), and Nirma University students for their final year projects (Click HERE for details). Finally, we have conducted a (Masters/Fellows) course with Anant National University post the lockdown on “Practical Skills using Neuro Linguistic Programming Principles” – Jul 2020. Gunjan Y Trivedi is on the Industry Advisory Board of the Biomedical Engineering Department at L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Wellness Space and LD College of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering Department) have an MoU for promoting and reinforcing cooperation, mutual exchange of Information and Technological know- how, joint collaborative work in R&D projects, curriculum development, internships and placements, improvement of research and academic programs and also exchange of experts and researchers. The Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space is also proud to receive funding support twice over last 3 years (year 2020 and 2022) and we are grateful for the Earth Association of Regression Therapy for supporting the work on effectiveness of Regression Therapy for anxiety and also for the (current) study on the effectiveness of Healing the Child Within (inner child) work on mental health parameters including a small pilot for PTSD.

This work continues to develop our skills, provides platform for students to learn about the opportunities in the area of healthcare management, and develop an understanding for the future citizens of these esteemed institutions. We are currently collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, to explore artificial intelligence (machine learning) algorithms for predicting health outcomes and high-risk behaviors such as suicide behavior.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information or inquiries.

Some of our publications are captured below:

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  5. Ramani, K V; Trivedi, Gunjan; Jivarajani, Parimal; Shah, Mitesh; Tripathi, Umank; Sharath Kumar; Patel, Kindam; Quality of Life of Oral Cancer Survivors Gujarat Cancer Research Institute: Ahmedabad (A Case Study), April 2018, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Reference No: CMHS0042.
  6. Irani F. Z., Trivedi G. Y. & Sinha N. (2021). Development and validation of humming process to increase heart rate variability & attention for college students. International Journal of Indian Psychology9(1), 243-251. DIP:18.01.028/20210901, DOI:10.25215/0901.028

Following image captures the student and faculty at IIPH, Gandhinagar during the elective on Quality of Life and Chronic disease.

IIM Ahmedabad Website showing latest published cases (in Health Care Management) where Wellness Space has contributed along with Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Apollo Hospitals with guidance from Prof K V Ramani.