Case Study – Low energy & idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis


Very low energy, history of heart problems (with major high risk procedures) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. With limited additional possibilities through traditional medical processes, the person was looking to add more energy and increase vitality. Emotional imbalance (due to some chronic negative emotions) also had played a role in the imbalance. In other words, the individual needed an intervention at the Pranamaya (vital energy) and Manomaya layers (mind, emotions) and to some extend at the Vignanmaya layer (intellectual).  (Please read Pancha Kosha  article for more details on the layers)


After initial assessment, two focus area were identified (a) Build the energy (b) Reduce the impact of negative emotions/energy.  These sessions – successively – demonstrated the increase in energy and the work on emotions, though only for one session, did release emotions (catharsis), the person at some point chose only to work on the energy.  Several modalities were used including sound energy, breathing and also yogic  relaxation with imagery and visualisation.


From initial uncertainty (which required the person to measure Heart Rate and even Oxygen level), the individual – after about 3 weeks (which included managing and modifying the medications as needed) felt very energetic (and also mentioned that he regularly walks a few kms now !


Emotional Pressure & Energy: Over the duration of 4 weeks, there was significant improvement in the energy levels and a decent decrease in the emotional pressure. 

Energy of the chakras also showed meaningful increase – and the balance was sustained throughout the duration of the intervention.




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