Case Study – Naad Yoga 2 – Sound Healing Master Practitioner Workshop (Singapore, Mar 2017)

During Naad Yoga 2 (Sound Healing Master Practitioner) workshop the participants understand what happens to the client energy and emotions before/after the interventions. They lso learn many different interventions (singing bowls, breathing and chanting). They learn how the physiology (as measured by Heart Rate Variability) and bio-energy changes during and after the interventions.  The tools (Bio-Well GDV Camera and Heart Rate Variability measurement device) are available throughout the workshop for participants to learn and understand.

Master Practitioner Workshop (Nada Yoga 2):

The Master Practitioner workshop takes 2 full days and during the workshop the participants cover a broad range of techniques which use Nada Yoga – advanced techniques (singing bowls, specific breathing techniques and chanting).  The pre-requisite for this workshop is 1-day Sound Practitioner Workshop (Nada Yoga 1).

Understanding the client energy:

Nada Yoga workshops conducted by Wellness Space requires the participants to learn about the energy and emotional imbalance of the clients. This allows much better clarity on what is not balanced and because of that, the effectiveness of the intervention is significantly increased (resulting in less time spent by the practitioner and more benefits to the client). The client understanding is practised throughout Nada Yoga 1 and 2 workshops.

A simple case studies during the March 2017 workshop in Singapore is captured below.  Another example of what we do in this workshop is available here (Heart Rate Variability). These tools provide excellent opportunities for the participants to understand how the human bio-energy and physiology changes during the interventions they learn during the workshop !

This client got instant relieve with lower back pain and also stomach upset just after a short (<40 mins) intervention using the singing bowls.


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