About the effective Phobia Cure (Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP)

During NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Workshops, you learn how to identify fear (or in extreme case – a Phobia) !  Exaggerated fears (or Phobias) -whether of spiders, lizards, needles, snakes, heights, public speaking or even public or closed spaces-can not only interfere with daily life, they impact growth and more importantly the quality of daily life.

Many individuals, who carry such fears of phobias assume they can’t get rid of this !  However, modern techniques and processes (not medications !) make it possible to literally eliminate such fears.  A small case study (this was actually a demo during the NLP Practitioner workshop conducted by Gunjan Y Trivedi – at Wellness Space in Sep 2017 !).

Contact [email protected] or message +91.95.7474.2288 if you have such fear or phobia and want to get ride of it.  You can also learn how to identify and deal with such challenges during the NLP workshops !


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