He is not even in 20s and was recommended to us by his psychiatrist. He had a compulsive habit of stealing. He was stealing since he was in school but as he grew the amounts got larger. The parents finally had to seek help when he stole at the college with amount running into 5 figures. Unfortunately, he was expelled from the college.

We started working with him on all peripheral issues – except stealing! Usually with OCDs or addictions we don’t directly work on the presenting problem because that is usually the outcome of something else – much deeper.

While the psychiatrist had prepared them for taking therapy for a year or so, we saw significant difference in just 7 sessions.  The visuals tell a story. The boy’s self-esteem went up from a 6/10 to 9/10 and same for confidence. The stage fear was gone and he validated by going onto the stage for a talk !!!!


  • WHO-5 Wellbeing Index continued to improve from 52% during first session to eventually 88% at the end of 7th session !
  • Fear/phobia also indicated significant reduction and the person also validated it as written above.