Life Coaching Journey – 8 weeks & no psychiatric medications now !

Life Coaching is all about discovering self and seek a balance. I am happy – that after 8 weeks of work (several sessions 1:1, Free Meditation @ Wellness Space and some other activities), this entrepreneur is noticing a measurable transformation in his journey. Of course, the 21-days have passed since the “medication(s)” have also been stopped as agreed by the psychiatrist !!

More to follow on this, however, it was a pleasant surprise to see the trends of the self-assessment (by the client) on his journey.

The outcome of this assessment involved several areas of wellness (physical wellness, emotional wellness, career, financial, relationships, social and so on). The net balance (which was negative at week 1) has now moved into a positive.

Also, please note that this is a “work-in-progress” and not the end. We just meet less often now and the journey (from within) is more dominant vs the life coaching “support”!

Contact Gunjan if you are keen to pursue this.

PS: The process used here is unique method developed at Wellness Space and integrates various aspects of your life to identify where you have the biggest gap (remember ! we are as strong as our weakest link !).

Some of these methods (aka nuggets) are covered in Gunjan’s NLP Practitioner Training where you can learn from his global corporate and team experiences. The training is more than just “NLP Practitioner Certification !!”