14 yr old comes with problem of low confidence (speaking in public) and expressing herself in front of others, and fear of maths. out of the two we agreed to first work on confidence to speak up in front of others (the client needs to decide which problem she needs to work on first, and not the therapist!) using Hypnotherapy.

She recollected a single incident from school when she had to give a speech (till that incident she was super confident on stage and had given several performances as well) in front of her class, she was nervous and had fear that she will forget. and when her turn came thats exactly what happened – she went blank due to fear and nervousness and couldn’t remember a single line! she eventually started crying and teacher sent her back – in those few moments of embarrassment, nervousness, fear  and shame she decided that she is stupid and will henceforth never speak out in front of people – as she would appear stupid if she did that! Once this was identified we did a short inner child process – had the adult (present day 14 yr old) help the child (12 yr old who was ashamed, afraid etc) heal the nervous child, release the decision from her heart and replace it with energy of confidence.

After this, to reinforce the confidence and also create new files in her subconscious mind about the new positive belief (I am confident about speaking in public) we did a guided visualisation process with anchoring. She was asked to recollect 2 events from her past when she was very confident on stage and had performed in front of a few hundred people – helped her anchor it with a gesture (that she had chosen) and made her visualise herself in future using the same confidence and positivity to talk in public. Also added a few direct and indirect suggestions (based on her own words and phrases) of the end result she had wanted – the positive change in her that showed up in her body  language, her every and her tone etc, All this was recorded and given her to listen everyday for reinforcement.

The clients bio-energy readings  before and after the (hypnosis and inner child therapy) sessions were taken and sharing the results below (orange = before the therapy, purple = after the therapy)

It is seen that the energy levels have gone up and emotional pressure has reduced. also the throat chakra energy has gone up, heart chakra shows changes too (as all her fear, shame and nervousness were experienced in the heart as palpitations and energy of confidence was replaced in the heart) solar plexus chakra also shows improvement as it is also related to power and control

For young kids and teens therapy is much quicker and effective due to fewer judgements, few analysis and much less baggage!

next we will be working on fear of maths – though this session may already have helped with that in some ways!   

Ririi G Trivedi ([email protected])