Clinical Hypnotherapy week covering hypnotherapy techniques and regression therapy

The facilitator Riri G Trivedi is a Personal Transformation Therapist.  Riri is a Trainer, Therapist, Author, Certified Mentor and Coach from Heart Math Institute.  She is a Professional Certified Member of IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA), EARTh (Earth Association of Regression Therapy), Spiritual Regression Training Academy, UK, Heart Math Institute, USA and SVYASA Yoga, Singapore.  She has co-authored a book on Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies

The workshops integrate research based concepts and practices.  This is a unique training and provides strong foundation for self-development as well as for individuals keen to develop professional skills as hypnotherapist or regression therapist.

Date: Mar 23 to 29

Fees: Rs 28,000 Early bird (Usual fees: Rs 30,500).  If you choose each module separately, fees are Rs 9,500 for M1 and 21,000 for M2.

Venue: Wellness Space, 119c Swastik Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009

To register: [email protected] or +919099853844

Following modules are integrated into this training.

Module 1 – The Journey Within – Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification

This workshop is the first module towards certification of “Integrated Regression Therapist” and “Life Coach”  by SEE (Society for Energy and Emotions) offered at Wellness Space. The focus is on understanding and transforming the self i.e. you work on your self by understanding how the mind works and the role of energy and emotions in daily life.  You also learn mindfulness and SEE Protocol for Self-hypnosis in this module.

Module 2 – Hypnotherapy – Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification

1) Structure of mind 2) What is Hypnosis. 3) Components of Hypnotherapy 4) Steps for conducting a Hypnosis session – Induction, Deepeners, Suggestions, PHS and Anchoring, Waking up. 5) Use of Scripts and guided Imagery and selecting appropriate script and formulating suggestions using established techniques, 6) Use of hypnosis for Age Regression. 8) Demo and Practise of Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy using scripts and Guided imagery 9) Contraindications and Requirements for conducting a Hypnosis session, 10) Anchoring and Future pacing 11) Use of Regression for Fears and Phobias 12) Demo and Practise of Regression for Fears/Phobias 13) Working with Relationship issues using Relationship Dramas

To learn more about 220 Hours Integrated Regression Therapy and Life Coaching Certification click HERE

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