She is all of 16th and studying in Grade 12. Her mother sought us out because she was struggling with too much negativity, couldn’t concentrate on her studies and having suicidal thoughts. She also had a very low self-esteem and lots of anger. Confidence was at an all-time low. Her mother came and met us – and wasn’t sure if she will be convinced for therapy. She came for the 1st session and felt a huge surge in her confidence.

Once her psychiatrist found out she was taking sessions – he told her to not continue. He told the mother to stop the sessions right away! So the mom calls up to say that she won’t continue and instead she (mom) will come for therapy.

However, the girl, who obviously experienced the benefit from the 1st session, insisted on continuing and so she came for the 2nd session also! And below are the Bio well results of her 2nd session – before and after the session. In this session we worked on her anger for her teacher that she was holding for last 6 yrs!! Once the anger was released in the session through body-work the results in her energy levels is obvious! And now she will continue working on himself layer by layer with the help of our therapist Nigar Parvez who has been working with Jainish Patel on many teens this age at our centre

The alarming trend I am seeing in last 2 years is the sheer number of teenagers who need help with conditions like the girl mentioned here. Body image issues, Anger, Negativity, Low Confidence, Panic attacks and Anxiety, emotional disconnect with parents and relationship issues are just a few common issues out of the many we work with. We do not just put the client to sleep and put positive suggestions (I heard from one client that some therapists do just that for 15 mins and send them back!) but instead we use Regression, NLP, Inner Child work and address the root cause of the issue. This ensures a permanent shift and not just a temporary ‘feel good’ feeling.

Thanks to technology now we can demonstrate the shifts in the energy (Biowell GDV) and physiology (HRV, EEG etc) as well!

Also let me clarify –
The therapy we do is NOT for mad, crazy folks – those ones need a visit to the Mental Health Institution or seek Psychiatric interventions – we work with functional, sane, people (who are at times extremely intelligent and articulate) , who run successful businesses or are brilliant students, but who are struggling with some part of their life that is not functional – be it relationships, behavior, attitude or simply their inner world of thoughts and emotions. We work with those struggling with stress and resultant chronic health issues like BP, Diabetes, Body Pains, Obesity, Migraines, Digestive issues etc – working at the root cause level of thoughts and emotions.

When the clients come to us of their own accord and experience the benefit – the therapy works like magic! But when they are brought by family members or friends and are coming just to ‘try out something new,” or “lets see if it works” attitude then it doesn’t work that effectively.

We also don’t ‘fix’ the kids or teens the way the parents want them to be fixed. Often times parents come to us seeking help to change their child the way they want him/her to be…which is not possible! We only work on what the clients wishes to work on. We don’t do magic – we only the child understand what is the problem, how did it all start and how he/she can change it ! It requires hard work on both sides! It is not like allopathy where you can take ur sick body to the doctor and without any of your own intervention the doctor can put you to sleep and ‘fix’ it!! For our therapy to be effective we need equal involvement of the child/teen, the parents and therapists!

Riri Trivedi