Singing Bowl (Naad Yoga/Sound Healing) Virtual Workshop (Dates to be decided,)

Naad Yoga/Sound Healing L1 & L2 combined virtual workshop in 2020

Wellness Space has an integrated certification program for Sound Healing. First level (Practitioner level) focuses on singing bowls (basic techniques) and the principles (art and the science) of sound healing. Second stage goes into the depth of singing bowls modalities and introduces chanting and breathing. This level (Master Practitioner) also incorporates the use of various technologies and qualitative methods to evaluate the progress of the client. It prepares the participant to demonstrate and explain the power of sound healing. Beyond Master Practitioner, the approach is more qualitative and is worked at an individual level with the instructor.

Contact :

[email protected] or call +91.9574742288

Logistics & Fees:

USD 300 (15% extra for Paypal).



Date & Time :

To be decided, total 3 days or about 21 hours. This can be revised as per mutual convenience of the participants and the facilitator. Those who wish to learn virtually, it would be good to have a few bowls so you can practice.


Gunjan Trivedi (Life Coach, Sound Healer) has 20 years of global experience (lived in Japan, Singapore, China and the US. At present, he is based in India) and plays various sound instruments (Indian Classical Drums – Tabla, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks etc).

What to expect:

In Naad Yoga 1, you learn about sound, its healing properties and understand why do we use sound healing. This hands-on workshop teaches you about Himalayan Singing Bowl, its healing benefits, how to use these bowls and what is involved in the selection of these bowls.

You also learn various techniques to use these bowls for healing, starting with relaxation (using brain wave entrainment), meditation and for healing few specific ailments (e.g.). You also learn about how to measure the energy parameters (before and after the therapy) and experience deep relaxation & homeostasis. In this workshop, you use up to 4 bowls and learn how to use them in various positions based on the client needs.

In Naad Yoga 2, we shift the focus to breathing and humming while learning more techniques with the singing bowls.

At Wellness Space, we focus disproportionately on making sure you understand the needs of your client first, find out any energy imbalances (you will learn how to do that) and also validate how the healing work has impacted the client’s overall state and the energy. As the curriculum progresses, you also learn to use (your own voice) and learn to explore the use of music for healing purposes.

Your journey in Sound Healing with Wellness Space

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