Naad Yoga/Sound Healing and Singing bowl Workshop

Naad Yoga/Sound Healing  workshop in 2023

Wellness Space has an integrated certification program for Sound Healing. The first level (Practitioner level) focuses on singing bowls (basic techniques) and the principles (art and science) of sound healing. The second stage goes into the depth of singing bowls modalities and introduces chanting and breathing. This level (Master Practitioner) also incorporates various technologies and qualitative methods to evaluate the client’s progress. It prepares the participant to demonstrate and explain the power of sound healing. Beyond Master Practitioner, the approach is more qualitative and is worked individually with the instructor.

Contact :

[email protected] or call +91.9574742288

Logistics & Fees:

INR 21,000.

Venue: ONSITE-Wellness Space (119c Swastik Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009).

Dates: December 22, 23 & 24 (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Time: 10 am to 5 pm India time

This can be revised as per the mutual convenience of the participants and the facilitator. For those who wish to learn virtually, you would need a few therapy-grade bowls to practice.


Gunjan Trivedi (Life Coach, Sound Healer) has 20 years of global experience (he lived in Japan, Singapore, China, and the US. At present, he is based in India) and plays various sound instruments (Indian Classical Drums – Tabla, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, etc.).

What to expect:

In the workshop, you learn about sound and its healing properties and understand why we use sound healing. This hands-on workshop teaches you about the Himalayan Singing Bowl, its healing benefits, how to use these bowls, and what is involved in selecting them.

You also learn various techniques to use these bowls for healing, starting with relaxation (using brain wave entrainment), meditation, and for healing a few specific ailments (e.g.). You also learn how to measure the energy parameters (before and after the therapy) and experience deep relaxation & homeostasis. In this workshop, you use up to 4 bowls and learn how to use them in various positions based on the client’s needs.

During the workshop, we focus on breathing and humming while learning more techniques with the singing bowls.

At Wellness Space, we focus disproportionately on making sure you understand the needs of your client first, find out any energy imbalances (you will learn how to do that) and also validate how the healing work has impacted the client’s overall state and energy. As the curriculum progresses, you also learn to use (your own voice) and learn to explore the use of music for healing purposes.

What is unique about Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space Naad Yoga Certifications?

At Society for Energy & Emotions, we integrate our insights from our research (incl. global scientific evidence), coaching experience, and workshops to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the therapist. We integrate various modalities – Yoga Therapy, Chanting or humming, Tuning forks, and Himalayan Singing Bowls – based on the client’s needs and facilitate the life transformation.

(Note: Himalayan Singing Bowls is a generic term used to describe vessel-shaped singing bowls which make sound with multiple harmonics. These bowls are found across the Himalayan region from Tibet in China and in various states of India such as Assam, Sikkim, and in Bhutan)

The program at Wellness Space integrates singing bowls, breath, and humming (simple chanting) into the Naad Yoga curriculum and individual sessions. The sessions, as well as training, involve the use of technology and individual surveys to understand the effectiveness of the interventions.

Your journey in Sound Healing with Wellness Space

Naad (Sound Healing) certification

Participant feedback on the workshop

I did my Naad yoga course under Gunjan Trivedi at wellness space and it has been a one of a kind experience. The courses they offer are very unique and useful. The ambiance and hospitality was so welcoming. They serve the students home cooked food which is such a loving gesture. It’s a very very positive place.♥️

Arpita Jaichandani, Gulf

It was life changing experience, I could learn lot about sound healing with scientific background and also it’s impact on psychology. Gunjanji is a great knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher and whole setup is very well planned very beautiful place to learn . Looking forward to learn more in future from Gunjanji

Shivabrahmananda Saraswati

Had the privilege of attending Sound Practitioner Courses with Gunjan as my trainer. It was a very enriching course. Together with yoga and my sports science background, I was able to apply what I learned in the course. With what I have learned, I have been able to fuse the skills together in conducting relaxation therapy and visualisation sessions with a varied group (children with special needs, sports teams and also individuals) Gunjan as a trainer is really very knowledgeable and passionate in what he does. He is also very patient and ‘works with you’ rather than instructing you. This I believe is one of the most important traits a trainer needs to have. Attending courses with Gunjan has opened up a different form of alternative therapy that I am now practicing.

Ajaya Kumar

The singing bowl session with master Gunjan was very enlightening. He is a sincere teacher and taught the workshop in a professional manner. I really learned lots of stuff from this workshop.

Chung Mun Kong, Singapore

Thank you Gunjan for the wonderful 3 days singing bowls workshop in Singapore! Your course is very well-structured and delivered. Nicely Integrated with theory and hands-on practice and also scientific data and measurements. And on TOP of all these, you had delivered the classes with your heart fully which made the vibrations of the singing bowls even stronger! Well done and highly recommended!

Sophie Chua, Singapore

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