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What is Past Life Regression?

Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Regression therapy involves reliving these experiences to get to forgotten, ignored or repressed memories that are bothering people and also reactivates positive feelings and forgotten positive experiences

Past Life memories have an impact on the current life health, relationships and overall life patterns. Past Life Regression Therapy helps to revisit those memories for the purpose of healing, trauma release and integrating in the current life. This therapy helps work with Fears, Phobias, Unexplained Medical Conditions, De javu, Nightmares, Toxic Relationships and other Life Patterns that may have their origins in past lives. This therapy also includes Life Between Life Work which can be a very powerful experience to get a more complete perception of who you really are as the sum total of your past lives, the collaboration of your soul with other souls, guides and teachers and what you are learning now.

Such programs (“character traits”) only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding and reliving undigested experiences unlocks emotions and bring insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.

Past Life Regression (PLR) session:

A typical PLR session starts by explaining the concept and the process to the client and dispelling all fears and apprehensions that the client may have (most common one being – “will I be able to come back after going into a past life?” or “will this affect my present life relationships in a negative way?” or “Will I remember everything that I say or do in the session?”). Then the client is put in a relaxed meditative like state (also called trance state) so that the logical, conscious, judgmental and over analytical mind is put to rest and subconscious mind (that is a storehouse of all files of our memories and experiences in the form of images, sensations, feelings etc and is not logical). Depending upon the therapist and clients problem, either a guided imagery is used to explore a past life, or a strong emotion or physical sensation is used a link/hook/bridge to access a past life. Both methods work well. After exploring the past life, the connections to the current life or problem at hand are established, required healing and transformation is done so that the impact of that past life on current life is reduced or nullified. Sometimes getting a different understanding of the issue or the trauma can also help. Body memories are released. Connections to current life relationships if any, are understood. Finally, the session is closed after integrating all the understanding and healing into the current life and future pacing the client with positive understanding and insights.

For those who don’t believe in Past Lives or Reincarnation:

We can still do the session, but we don’t label the experiences as a past life – it be understood as a metaphor that the sub conscious mind has created for the purpose of healing. Many times client like to believe they were telling a story – and that is also fine as long as the experience in the session results in some kind of healing or transformation. We don’t need to label it as a Past Life!!

So all those who are curious about this phenomenon and want to try it out, do book your session now!!

Those who wish to learn this modality, do write to us as we regularly conduct trainings in Regression and Hypnotherapy. At Wellness Space, Ririi G Trivedi conducts Past Life Regression therapy sessions.  Typical session lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours and is used primarily for therapeutic purpose. You can contact Ririi at +91.846.946.1144 or write to her at [email protected]t

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