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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP is a very effective therapy for the full range of problems such as phobias, depression, habit disorder, psychosomatic illnesses and learning disorders. NLP also provides powerful techniques for goal setting, management training, life coaching and personal transformation. It is useful for teachers, students, professionals as well as the families. You will see us integrating all the modalities based on your requirement so in one session you may end up experiencing sound healing, NLP, Pranayama as well as Guided Meditation !

At Wellness Space, Gunjan Y Trivedi  (Life Coach, Certified NLP Trainer) teaches and practices NLP.  The courses conducted by Wellness Space are certified by ANLP and EUNLP.  If you complete both Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification from us, you have an option to pursue a short Life Coaching program for certification as “Life Coach” (Certified by Wellness Space). The training at Wellness Space leverages the global experience of Gunjan Y Trivedi in business management, service management, project management, innovation process facilitation, sports and team management across diverse cultures such as Japan, China, America, ASEAN and of course India where Gunjan has lived, worked and learnt various managerial and life skills.

At Wellness Space, we have helped many individuals in dealing phobia or fears, anxiety, establishing life goal or purpose, identifying and focusing on key life priorities, releasing OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and so on.  We have also studied (the manuscript is being reviewed for publication) effectiveness of hypnotherapy and NLP in identifying and addressing fear/phobia using a standardized (global) measure.  This site has several examples related to how the energy and emotions change during and after the NLP session.  This unique expertise allows our client to establish a baseline and also review progress (versus the goal).

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Feedback taken during a typical NLP Practitioner Workshop conducted by Wellness Space (Gunjan Y Trivedi)

Measurement of specific phobia (conducted during the NLP Practitioner workshop)

Participant feedback on the workshop

I am a fellow at Anant National University where I got a chance to take the NLP module in this lock down which was Practicing Skills using Neuro Linguistic Programming Principles. It was really very effective module, it helped me to shed some of my negative memories and gain reflection for it adding to my emotional well being in this pandemic. The practices, exercises and insightful methods covered in the module helped me to identify my Short term goals, the steps that I should take to conquer them and align it with my purpose. Also it gave me better skills and knowledge to understand people around me. I have known both Gunjan Sir and Riri Mam since quite a months as they were mentoring me for my project on Mental health and well being. The Research which Wellness space has in the domain of working with people is very extensive, reliable and helpful in most of the situations. It is always been a learning experience every time I have visited the Wellness Space adding something rare and new in my bucket. I would recommend anyone to reach out to wellness Space for the services they offer. They are very helping to everyone. I am thankful and Grateful to both Gunjan Sir and Riri Mam for their help and contribution. Looking forward to work with them in the near future.

XYZ, Anant University

I had joined the NLP course at Wellness Space out of curiosity and came back enlightened about holistic well being – which is to take care of our sub conscious state and to manage flow of energy within our bodies. Almost all our modern ailments – of the body, mind or the soul – are because of imbalances of energy and baggage that we carry in our sub conscious. At Wellness Space, Riri and Gunjan are masters at helping us heal and learn the art of living an energetic and spiritually enlightened life. I play amateur Cricket, open the batting and my personal goal was to score a century, which I had never done in 18 years of playing. Through NLP and sound healing techniques, I realised the most joyful and fulfilling for me is when my performance helps my team win matches – so that became my focus. And in 28 days following my course, I managed to carry the bat through 30 overs 3 times and help my team win the matches in tight situations under pressure! To put this in context, the longest I had batted until then was 12-14 overs. The energy and focus I had was unbelievable! It was like some power had been unlocked which I had no idea existed within me. A minor miracle for me, which happens with a lot of people all the time at Wellness Space! A must try for your own good 🙂

Swapnil Shah

Great Course and Gunjan has been great in facilitating the course. It helped gained the clarity regarding the near term and long term goals. With NLP principles and SMART goals tools it is now easier for me to to set the goals with better clarity and also help me understand people around me better. This course made me realise that it is better to analyse the pros and cons of the goals you set in and go get it rather then regretting it at later stage of life. Good Luck.

Dhaval Darjee

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