Love & Forgiveness – the core emotions of the Heart Chakra (A case study)

Heart Chakra is the core of our energy centres (aka Chakra System). The emotions related to hearth chakra are “love” (and “forgiveness”). A major negativity in heart chakra emotions (i.e. not able to forget and forgive) results in an imbalance in this chakra/centre.

An imbalance in Manomaya Kosha (e.g. negative emotion) results in the imbalance in Pranamaya Kosha and eventually it manifests in in the physiology.

Heart chakra case study

The physiology imbalance eventually impacts the organs in this region of the body such as lungs, heart, breasts as well as Thymus gland which deals with our immune system). Some of the conditions resulting from this imbalance in heart chakra include pulmonary fibrosis, breast cancer, lung related disorders and so on. (Please note that there are many other reasons also involved and not mere energy imbalance in this area. This is just a simplistic explanation to drive home the point !) 

It is very important to deal with the imbalance in this centre. A recent case that we worked with is attached in the visual showing significant change in heart chakra alignment.

Gunjan Trivedi ([email protected])