Learn Graphology (Handwriting Analysis, A’bad, Dec 23-25)

Learn Graphology (Handwriting Analysis), Get Certified

Timing: Full day (10am to 530pm), Dec 23 to 25 (Sat-Mon)

Location: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad

Energy Exchange: Rs 17,000 (incl hand-out, lunch/snacks, etc).

Early bird Rs 15,000 (via non-refundable Rs 5,000 before Oct 15)

Registrations: Contact [email protected] or +91.95.7474.2288

Examples of the topics to be covered during the workshop:

  • Sample Of Handwriting,
  • Analogy Of Handwriting,
  • What Is Graphology?
  • Principles Of Graphology,
  • Zones, Alphabets, Pastocity, Size (Spacing, Base Line),
  • Strokes, Capital Letters, Pressure, Slants, Connections,  Margin,
  • Discussing Handwriting Samples, Signature Analysis


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