Businessman in late 40s who had come to us with severe depression and negativity. I vividly remember him sobbing in the first consultation – relationship issues, not being able to stand up for himself and feeling like a sandwich between his wife who he loved a lot and his parents who he also loved a lot….(kind of story of many Male clients who come to see me – sandwich syndrome). He had lost a job, was not motivated to get up and work on his business and home environment was toxic.

We  did 8 sessions with him and I am proud to share the results below. He has very strong controlling father and an equally strong and volatile wife who would get angry and also get very verbally and physically abusive. We were clear we cannot change his father or his past and neither can we change the wife but we can surely help him to find his inner confidence, strength, positivity and courage to stay in balance amidst all this.

We use standardised tests like WHO Well-being Index and MDI – Depression index so that our results are not biased or vague but they are objective and of global standard. The significant improvement in his well-being index and reduction in depression index is very encouraging!

We (myself, Gunjan Y Trivedi and Jainish Patel)worked with him using Inner Child work, NLP and Life Coaching and a bit of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Also now working on his Coherence and HRV for maintenance of inner balance amidst volatile environment at home.

The success is because of following reasons:

  1. He was open and compliant to whatever we suggested
  2. He didn’t ever question the processes and was very clear that he needed to work on himself
  3. While his environment is still toxic and we wish we could work with the spouse (then the result would have been even better) but that didn’t happen – so despite and inspite of environment being same he has been able to come out of his situation and stay balanced

We are continuing to work with him for maintaining this positive transformation

Riri Trivedi