She is all of 19 and came to us with lots of anxiety and negativity. She had panic attacks and anxiety would happen 3-4 times a day – everyday – symptoms where shivering, shaking, heartbeats increasing and snapping at everyone.

In her own words !

Her confidence was low at 3/10 and relationship with father was a mess. She had lot of anger for parents because their relationship was rocky and volatile and it had affected her. She felt her home atmosphere was very negative. She was close to her mother who was the “victim” in the family and father had anger issues and was very controlling – “perpetrator” role. The girl was the “rescuer” in the drama triangle and found herself absorbing all the mothers negativity all the time. She also had self esteem and body image issues but they were not too much compared to her issues against parents.

We worked with her using inner child and regression work. Those were intense sessions – however for her the biggest breakthrough happened in a Gestalt technique that we did with her to break free from barriers. After that she noticed physically she was feeling different. Also did empty chair and perceptual positioning with her that helped her get clarity on her role in the drama triangle and how to break free.

She finds herself a different person as the therapy ends – she has shared her experience in the audio attached

Her confidence went up from 3/10 to 7/10. She has had NO anxiety in last 2 weeks. Best part is that she has become more accepting of her parents and is able to stay out of their drama. It makes her feel peaceful calm and light. Her well-being index went up from 20% to 96% and her depression index went down from 37% to 2%!!

She was very happy and couldn’t believe that she could ever feel like this !! We would be doing some support work with her with much reduced frequency till she can be totally on her own!!

Riri G Trivedi

Personal Transformation Therapist

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