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Phobia of Dogs – case study of workshop participant One of the core elements of our Module 4 (Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Training Certification) i
The research has shown that individuals suffering from migraine find it very important to take control of factors that can even make slight improvement in their condition.  H
Perspectives from Wellness Space on  Regression Therapy – methodology and case studies: The article below on Regression Therapy – methodology and case studies ca
Belief systems and their role in Regression Therapy Belief systems are strong energetic forces that stay with us for a lifetime and dictate our behavior, attitude, and health.
In recent times the number of people reaching us out for Anxiety problems are increasing. Many are anxious about health and wellbeing, some have extreme anxiety about death wh
OCD and Regression Therapy She was a surprise package! She found us out from Google during Covid lockdown and contacted us for online therapy sessions for OCD and Regression T
How does “Sound Bath Meditation” help in energy recovery and well being? Mr Anil Sinha, Consciousness Engineering and Vital Energy Researcher, visited us for couple of day
Regression Therapy Case Study When she walked in her body language was totally closed – she hugged herself tightly throughout the consultation and barely spoke. She was
She had come with severe social anxiety and insomnia. Was very uncomfortable in crowds and had anxiety when she met new people. She had an unhealthy relationship with food and
Background: He had come with severe anxiety and depression. A friend recommended him to visit us, but he didn’t contact us for a few months. When he came to see me he was to



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