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Newton’s Law in Our Lives….some reflections

Newton's Law in Our Lives....some reflections We are all energy bodies and every interaction we have with outside world there is constant energy exchange, action and reaction. Hence what we are 'inside' (heart, mind, emotions) is what those outside of us react to...!! If we are angry, fuming mad, we give out those signals unknowingly and we end up having everyone and everything around us reacting to our energies based on that anger. The moment we relax, the world around us also changes and things start falling in place. Most of us in today's times (thanks to our education and upbringing)

Case study – exam fear, lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts, anger and more

She is all of 16th and studying in Grade 12. Her mother sought us out because she was struggling with too much negativity, couldn’t concentrate on her studies and having suicidal thoughts. She also had a very low self-esteem and lots of anger. Confidence was at an all-time low. Her mother came and met us – and wasn’t sure if she will be convinced for therapy. She came for the 1st session and felt a huge surge in her confidence. Once her psychiatrist found out she was taking sessions – he told her to not continue. He told the mother

What is Past Life Regression?

What is Past Life Regression? I get this question from most people who read my profile or get introduced to me as a Past Life Regression Therapist. This question is usually loaded with curiosity, fear or sometimes plain disbelief. Matter vs Energy: Before I explain Past Lives (PL) or Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) let me first explain the logic behind this modality. Basically, we are not just our physical body. Physical body or Annamaya kosha is matter – consists of cells, nerves, tissues, organs etc and can be destroyed. However, we do have other bodies like Astral Body, Causal

Hypnotherapy Week (EKAA Certified, Surat) – Feb 4 to 11

Keen to Learn Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) in  Surat? For the first time ever, you have a unique opportunity to learn Hypnotherapy L1 and L2 (certified by EKAA) in February. Everyone who wants to make a difference in his or her life and also extend the helping hand to others can learn hypnotherapy ! Please see details about EKAA’s global affiliations and recognition across many countries globally (www.ekaa.co.in) or write to riri@wellness-space.net or or call +91.98987.43384 or 91.846946.1144 to register. When: Feb 4 to 11 (Feb 7 is the break day) Facilitator: Riri G Trivedi (Click here for the profile) Venue: Shreeji Vatika,

SuccessFit Weight-Loss: A 6-week Hypnotherapy program

SuccessFit Weight-Loss: A 6-week Hypnotherapy program By Jainish Patel, certified SuccessFit Weight Loss Practitioner (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists)    Have you tried diet after diet, only to lose weight and gain it all back again? Who wouldn’t want a solution that not only helps you get the perfect shape, but also puts you on autopilot once you get there? You’ve heard it all before, right? “THIS DIET is the one that REALLY WORKS!”  You try it… maybe it works for a while, maybe not… and eventually, you’re off the diet and the old habits return, along with all

Sound Mind Meditation (Monthly on Mon-Wed-Fri)

A New Start for new Year... "Love Yourself and Discover The Power Within You." Meditation is the ability to see Divine within us. The Divine Dimension in every Human Being are hidden and untapped resource. Explore this "Depth Potential" through the upcoming programme leveraging BREATHING, HUMMING, CHANTING, SOUND MEDITATION... specially designed for the one who really wants experience peace and release the Power Locked within for Better Health, Greater Confidence, Increased Success and Inspired Openness to Disruption and Creative Innovation. Conducted by Nigar Parvez When: Mon-Wed-Fri, 830am to 930am throughout the month Charges: Rs 1500/month Venue: Wellness Space To Register: Call

The Journey Within – I (Unique Experiential Workshop, Jan 7-11)

Singing bowls, relaxation, stress and emotional release, coherent breathing, heart focused meditation, humming, anchoring and more. Learn about the quality of life and risk factors for chronic disease and what you can do to manage both effectively. You can also measure your own stress and energy and understand core 4 pillars of life. Who would benefit ? Individuals at high risk for chronic disease (such as diabetes, hypertension...) or if you have emotional challenges or stress and would like to learn self-regulation techniques. Whatsapp only: +91 90998 53844 or email: info@wellness-space.net Reviews from the past workshop

Measuring the effectiveness of the intervention (using WHO-5 Wellbeing index)

At Wellness Space, we make an attempt to quantify the effect of the intervention. One such example is the use of WHO-5 Wellbeing Index (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25831962), a commonly used and simple tool. Our data (of 11 individuals who completed 4 sessions and also completed the WHO-5 survey before the first and after the fourth session) is captured in the visual. Score below 52% shows "poor wellbeing" (ideally requiring an evaluation for depression). The average score moved up from 32% (Before) to 63% (After) showing significant enhancement in the individuals' wellbeing. In 10 out of 11 individuals the score went up (the

What happens to my heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) during Sound Bath Meditation?

For many years, we conduct Free Meditation @ Wellness Space (also known as Sound Bath Meditation using Singing Bowls, details here). From time to time, we do simple studies to understand how the body and the mind responds to such meditations.  This article shares a case study of an individual before, during and after meditation with the focus on key parameters of our nervous system (heart rate, heart rate variability). Dr Chirag Zaveri, who comes regularly for the free meditation agreed to participate in this simple study and also consented when we asked if we could share his name on

Measuring the impact of sound healing on nervous system, heart rate variability and heart rate

The visual below demonstrates how the human physiology (as measured by Heart Rate Variability-HRV) before, during and after a sound healing session of singing bowls. The heart rate (shown using the red dotted line) begins to decrease when the singing bowls session started and continues to decrease and remains low (76) even after the session is completed.  Heart Rate Variability (SDNN-see description below) increases during the sound session and remains very high even after the session has been completed. At the end of the sound session, the HRV remains high and heart rate declines and the parasympathetic nervous system remains

A typical session measurements – Anxiety with NLP (Time based intervention or regression) and Naad Yoga (Coherent Breathing)

Ability to measure and demonstrate the changes (or lack of it!) is important in any intervention.  A simple case study demonstrating how a good session would look like is captured below. At times, there is also negative change and as long as it is confirmed with the client (e.g. catharsis inducing major change in emotions), there is clarity on the session and how to take the work forward. Enjoy Gunjan Trivedi (gunjan@wellness-space.net) This client had major anxiety challenge (nervous break down) and sought help.  The intervention was planned for 2 hours and the childhood (and current life) issues were dealt

Technology and analytics (e.g.HRV) capabilities at Wellness Space for studying physiology, energy and emotions

Wellness Space has both technology and analytics capability to understand and measure human physiology, energy and emotions via the measurement of Heart Rate Variability.  This capability includes the following Emwave Pro device to measure heart rate variability, coherence and achievement.  (This is also provided to the participants in the master practitioner workshop - Naad Yoga 2) eMotion Faros sensor to measure 24-hour ECG signal Analytics capability: Kubios Premium HRV software. Others (Polar H7 HRV device, Biowell GDV device and so on) This capability equips the team and the trainees of Wellness Space to learn and re-apply important concepts and understand

Client case study & Testimonial – Improvement in wellbeing after working on Self-esteem and fear

Testimonial: Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy: She is 41 years old and came in with acute loneliness and feeling of suffocation because she was staying with her parents. She complained of her father being too controlling and disciplined and she was always scared and angry with him. She is a divorcee and had been through a couple of relationships that didn’t work out “I feel like a failure,” she said and her boss and colleagues were always critical of her. She was an angry person with hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts and PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease). Self esteem was 3/10 (10 being

Sound Healing (Singing Bowls) workshop in Dubai – Jul 2018

Each sound healing workshop (singing bowls, breathing, humming & more)  is unique despite having a set curriculum. Dubai was no different. In the sound healing master practitioner workshop, we had all the hypnotherapists and hence the questions, discussions was very different.It focused more on the healing, different modalities and also some work on self. Naad Yoga workshops (Sound Healing) by Wellness Space covers a range of topics from Singing Bowls to Breathing to Humming and include both science and metaphysics of sound vibrations. Singing Bowls, Breathing, Humming If you notice the visual (graph), the blue bar shows increase

Free Meditation @ Wellness Space (Full moon & New Moon Days)

Free Meditation @ Wellness Space, Ahmedabad (Sound Bath Meditation) Upcoming Sessions in 2018: 7pm @ Wellness Space (119c Swastik Society, Lane Opposite Samved Hospital, Navrangpura) Jun 28 (Thu), Jul 13 (Fri), Jul 27 (Fri), Aug 11 (Sat), Aug 26 (Sun), Sep 9 (Sun) Watch-out: If you are expecting a child or have pacemaker installed or have epilepsy or if you have any metal parts in the body due to surgery, please contact us first and do not walk into the sound bath meditation session. The idea of opening up our space for free meditation was inspired by Brahmarshi Patriji of Pyramid Valley. We

Measuring stress levels (emotional pressure) of a corporate team

We often get questions on how do we understand the person's current state (emotional pressure aka stress, state of mind, energy levels etc). The graph shows (actual) results of a few top corporate executives.  (In case you are keen to learn more about stress and its effects on us, click here to read the article on Stress) The figure shows "Emotional Pressure" (in Joule measured using Bio-Well GDV device for several corporate executives) So what? The color indicates that some of the individuals are quite calm and relaxed (color green-individuals A, F, G) and the others are stressed (more emotional

News18 Gujarati Coverage – April 2018

News18 Gujarati review of Sound Healing/Naad Yoga.   https://gujarati.news18.com/news/india/tibetan-sound-therapy-for-the-rest-of-the-mind-in-the-heat-sj-752046.html ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી અપનાવો ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી. News18 Gujarati Updated: April 2, 2018, 10:07 PM IST દીપિકાબહેન ખુમાણ ઋતુમાં બદલાવ આવતાં વ્યક્તિના સ્વભાવમાં બદલાવ જોવા મળે છે એટલે જ તો ઉનાળાની ઋતુ એવી ઋતુ છે, જેમાં તમને સૌથી વધારે ઝઘડા કરતા લોકો અથવા અકસ્માત જોવા મળશે. આવી ઋતુમાં તમારા સ્વભાવને શાંત કરવા અને તમારા શરીરનાં ચક્રોને કાબૂમાં કરવામાં અમદાવાદમાં આવી ગઈ છે તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી, જે આપશે તમને ગરમીમાં શાંતિ. તમને સાઉન્ડ થેરપી શાંતિ આપી શકે છે. આ અવાજ

Effect of Zikr on Heart Rate Variability

It is a well - documented fact that praying or any form of chanting, has a powerful effect on a person’s mind, and through it, their physiology. As is known, physiology deals with the functions and activities of all living matter, and the related physical and chemical activities. It is documented that chanting affects the human physiology in a positive manner. In - order to verify this belief, Wellness Space carried out a case study in April 2018. The intention was to evaluate the positive physiological impact through a scientific method, using the HRV as the measure. Zikr, also known

ナード・ヨガ (神聖な音のヨガ) サウンド・プラクティショナー認定講座

  Japanese Language Workshop ナード・ヨガ(神聖な音のヨガ) サウンド・プラクティショナー認定講座 場所:Vyasa Yoga Civil Service Club #03-05 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217664 サウンド・プラクティショナー認定講座 2月1日(木)〜2月2日(金)(午前9時〜午後1時) お申し込み/お問い合わせ: june@vyasasingapore.com(日本語) +65 96262425(英語) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVl5PVXZcXI&feature=youtu.be ナード・ヨガ (神聖な音のヨガ) サウンド・プラクティショナー認定講座 If you are looking for English Language workshops in Singapore (Feb 2018), click below https://wellness-space.net/sound-healing-workshops-in-singapore-feb2018-naad-yoga-1-2/

Life Coaching Journey – 8 weeks & no psychiatric medications now !

Life Coaching is all about discovering self and seek a balance. I am happy - that after 8 weeks of work (several sessions 1:1, Free Meditation @ Wellness Space and some other activities), this entrepreneur is noticing a measurable transformation in his journey. Of course, the 21-days have passed since the "medication(s)" have also been stopped as agreed by the psychiatrist !! More to follow on this, however, it was a pleasant surprise to see the trends of the self-assessment (by the client) on his journey. The outcome of this assessment involved several areas of wellness (physical wellness, emotional wellness, career,

Effectiveness of hypnotherapy & inner child therapy in building confidence and the impact on bio-energy

14 yr old comes with problem of low confidence (speaking in public) and expressing herself in front of others, and fear of maths. out of the two we agreed to first work on confidence to speak up in front of others (the client needs to decide which problem she needs to work on first, and not the therapist!) using Hypnotherapy. She recollected a single incident from school when she had to give a speech (till that incident she was super confident on stage and had given several performances as well) in front of her class, she was nervous and had

Financial Wellness – The commonsense Approach (May 12, A’bad)

Some of you who joined the seminar in May 2016 (about 1.5 years ago) . Do you realize, the BSE Sensex has gain >36% since them (which means some of the top funds and stocks have gain much more compared to this average of 36%) ! Jan 2018 workshop was another such reminder and some of you repeated it as well. Are you always blaming everyone (or your own inhibitions) when it comes to financial wellness? Do you think you can't fly a paper plane because you don't know rocket science !!!! ? Join this FREE workshop and begin your

Inner Child Work – Measurement of the emotional pressure, aura

The client comes to me with presenting problem of anger. Blames husband and kids for making her feel angry all the time. Goes back to her childhood memories of having a very angry father and connects to her anger towards father when she was as young as 11 yrs old! We work on releasing the anger and replacing with positive loving energies using Inner Child Therapy. See the graph below that shows the shift in her energy field, improvement in energy and reduction in emotional pressure and chakras that got better aligned ! Thanks to technology we now have measurability

Fears and Phobias: The invisible strings pulling you from moving forward (Life Coaching)

What is a Phobia? A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme, irrational fear about a situation, living creature, place, or object. The person will experience intense distress when faced with the source of their phobia. This can prevent them from functioning normally and sometimes leads to panic attacks.  The individual is often aware of the phobia, however, the root cause (what caused this phobia) is often unknown. The response of the individual to the extreme fear/phobia is not in his/her control. The phobia becomes diagnosable when a person begins organizing their lives

Quality of Life – without extreme fear and phobia (A case study using NLP Technique)

Life is often disturbed by invisible strings which hold us back and we often don't know what is holding us back !! Once we realize what is preventing us from living a healthy life, it becomes very easy to deal with the problem situation. An example - articulating one such individual who had very strange fear of evenings (different from fear of darkness or being alone) Do you have such fears? Call 9574742288 or send email to info@wellness-space.net to set up an appointment.

About the effective Phobia Cure (Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP)

During NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Workshops, you learn how to identify fear (or in extreme case - a Phobia) !  Exaggerated fears (or Phobias) -whether of spiders, lizards, needles, snakes, heights, public speaking or even public or closed spaces-can not only interfere with daily life, they impact growth and more importantly the quality of daily life. Many individuals, who carry such fears of phobias assume they can't get rid of this !  However, modern techniques and processes (not medications !) make it possible to literally eliminate such fears.  A small case study (this was actually a demo during the NLP

What is competence?

This is a very common question for all seeking personal growth.  If I use the language of Landmark Forum - “you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s where the biggest transformation opportunity is !”. Different modalities (or lets call it the wisdom jargon) look at it with their own twists.  I connect more with what NLP has done and hence this attempt to describe it for everyone. The awareness continuum (Adapted from NLP Framework) Key principles as you study the visual above: The transformation opportunity is often in the first building block.  For example, I kept investing in

Case Study – What is Meditation? How can we measure it?

This article is based on a true experience.  A person insisted on meeting both me and Riri G Trivedi.  We met.  He gave us a strong message that we must meditate.  He also liked what we were doing and after few months, he requested that I help him measure the depth of his meditation. I was overwhelmed. Not only he kept giving us the messages (whenever he met) which were very important for our life stages, now he is going to test what we do.  Nonetheless, I agreed humbly and told him that we will use what we have and

How to understand if the current or past life regression or inner child or NLP session is working as planned?

Many of you asked, how do you know the intervention you are  making (current or past life regression or inner child or NLP) is working.  Often the answer is with the person asking, however, there a way to get an idea !  Lets explore one way to find that out. The answer is often in what our physiology (or more specifically, breathing rate, changes in blood flow to various parts of the face and/or the muscle stiffness - often called sensory acuity in NLP, as an example).  A trained coach is often able to grasp these changes, however, there is

Foundation Course in Hypnosis (Past Life Regression Academy) Singapore Nov ’17

The hypnosis training will be held in a central part of Singapore close to public transport and Singapore international airport. The training is led by Ririi Trivedi in the English language. The workshop tutor fee, supervision and certification is SGD 1050.  This training is a requirement for joining the full Past Life Regression Training in Singapore in year 2018. Further Details: Download the full workshop outline and application form. For more information contact: Ririi Trivedi email; riri@wellness-space.net For further details, visit Past Life Regression Academy website below http://www.regressionacademy.com/hypnosis-training.htm#singapore

One size fits all?  – How breathing rate impacts our mind and emotions

It is important to understand that each person is unique. This means what we resonate with is also unique.  This applies to our physiology as well. In other words, one size does NOT fit everyone when it comes to personalized Life Coaching or Healing intervention.  Why personalised intervention is important ? Lets focus only on breathing for the purpose of this write-up (though same applies to other aspects as well).  Our heart rate variability (HRV) plays a very important role in our autonomic function and more importantly our ability to withstand stress and also in our ability to maintain balanced

The X-Factor Case Study – Sound Healing (by Love Joshi)

One of our Master Practitioner Love Joshi has done this work to release negative emotions (anger/fear) and supplement those with positivity (increase in relaxation and sleep) just in 3 sessions ! For more details, click here.  This is Love Joshi's facebook page  Tune In - The Healing of the Cosmos. These case studies help the workshop participants to hone their skills and it also assists learning amongst the students.

Managing our emotions and energy using Heart Rate Variability

An example of how to interpret our daily routine using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and identify areas of opportunity for enhancing overall well-being.  The following individual started measuring the morning (3 min) heart rate variability (using Polar H-10 device and EliteHRV app) to understand how the stress and recovery can  be managed for overall well-being.  The data clearly shows very poor management of stress (low HRV, higher heart rate and so on).  The X-axis identifies what caused the increase or decrease in HRV.  Based on this data, the conclusions were made and the intervention was identified to address the problems.

Learn Graphology (Handwriting Analysis, A’bad, Dec 23-25)

Learn Graphology (Handwriting Analysis), Get Certified Timing: Full day (10am to 530pm), Dec 23 to 25 (Sat-Mon) Location: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad Energy Exchange: Rs 17,000 (incl hand-out, lunch/snacks, etc). Early bird Rs 15,000 (via non-refundable Rs 5,000 before Oct 15) Registrations: Contact info@wellness-space.net or +91.95.7474.2288 Examples of the topics to be covered during the workshop: Sample Of Handwriting, Analogy Of Handwriting, What Is Graphology? Principles Of Graphology, Zones, Alphabets, Pastocity, Size (Spacing, Base Line), Strokes, Capital Letters, Pressure, Slants, Connections,  Margin, Discussing Handwriting Samples, Signature Analysis

Financial Wellness – Awaken the energy (Shakti) within !

We often talk about the need to be well - financially ! This article - written during the Navratri - calls for action.  I firmly believe, the woman of the home must take this up since there is an opportunity to feel empowered and also put the expertise into action. Let me begin with some statistics (Source: Economic Times, Sep 25, 2017, Article by Pooja Khanna). The study (conducted with 100 well-educated women) found the following: 92% of the women admitted that all financial decisions are taken by the male members (read: father and husband) of the family Most respondents

Why and How of Regression Therapy (A perspective by Ririi G Trivedi): Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work, Current or Past Life Regression

“When the present makes us ill, we may need medicine, physiotherapy, simple advice or change of conditions. But when past makes us ill, psychotherapy is necessary” – Hans Tendam in his book, Deep Healing While Hypnotherapy is still better known, (thanks to stage shows and hypnotism ads – which are quite misleading anyways) Regression Therapy (Current or Past Life Regression) is hardly known among non-therapist community. Often Hypnotherapy is associated with fear and mind-control about which I have written in the past – today I want to write about Regression as a therapy because large part of my work ends

Building resilience to increase physical and emotional workload for sportspersons with HRV

Heart’s parameters (especially heart rate and variability i.e. HR and HRV) have been used for a long time to monitor athlete’s fitness levels and also recovery from previous workouts.  Any additional physical workload or stress usually impairs HRV (since sympathetic drive or increased physical or emotional workload reduces HRV and parasympathetic drive or recovery increases the HRV).  Similarly, a rest (or recovery) after the exercise usually improves HRV. How can I use HRV? At Wellness Space, we work with athletes (e.g. crickets, badminton players and also individuals who just want to build fitness levels !) for building the resilience and

Managing Insomnia using a combination of Singing Bowls, Chanting & Breathing Techniques

Sleep Disorder or Insomnia: This is a very common problem of the modern world.  Constant thinking and anxiety, coupled with the use of modern gadgets and 24x7 lifestyle, our ability to slow down and unwind at the night is often impacted.  The studies have shown correlation between chronic stress, disrupted sleep (e.g. call centre workers who work at night) and imbalance in key hormones (e.g. cortisol and melatonin levels) resulting in sleep impairment.  Sleep is an important aspect of our autonomic nervous system recovery and must not be compromised. Lets look at two recent client experiences: This person (lets call

Our contribution as co-author (Book on Breast Cancer)

  Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies by Momentum Press LLC, New York Proud to share that Wellness Space team has contributed in this book co-authored by Riri G Trivedi !   Chapter #7 : Breast Cancer: Complementary Therapies is authored by Riri. The e-book will be available soon on this link !  Print version to follow. http://www.momentumpress.net/books/breast-cancer-medical-treatment-side-effects-and-complementary-therapies  

Managing Grief

In his book 'Healing the Shame that Binds you' John Bradshaw explains how Grief needs to be validated and expressed for it to not become toxic. "It is not the traumas that we suffer in childhood which make us emotionally ill, but the inability to express the trauma". Bottling up the grief: Many clients come to me still grieving for their lost family member even years after their demise. They not only grieve departed souls but also grieve their own loss of innocence, loss of childhood, loss o love or relationships, loss of everything or anything they held dear. This

Free Meditation @ Wellness Space (twice/month)

Upcoming Sessions: 7pm @ Wellness Space Jun 24, Jul 9 & 23, Aug 7 & 21, Sep 6 & 20. RSVP +91.9574742288 Free Meditation @ Wellness Space, Ahmedabad Our vision is to encourage  centers across the city to host free events . Such centers can either just do simple meditation or they can use singing bowls and use sound to achieve deeper relaxation & calmness of the mind. We hope that some day, more and more spaces (in nearby locations) will be available to the citizens so they can go and meditate together ! How does sound bath meditation impact you ?

HRV during Pranayama & Breathing Techniques

To all those who watch TV and do breathing/pranayama just by watching TV. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika are EXTREMELY powerful techniques and leave a profound impact on our mind and the body. At the same time, these 2 practices also have a very strong effect on our Autonomic Nervous System (via heart rate changes). If you have Diabetes or Hypertension, please do NOT do any Kapalbhati or Bhastrika practices without seeking the guidance of qualified yoga teacher. There are many other practices you can do but NO to Kapalbhati and Bhastrika (especially with above 2 disorders). The visual shows heart rate variability

Case Study – Naad Yoga 2 – Sound Healing Master Practitioner Workshop (Singapore, Mar 2017)

During Naad Yoga 2 (Sound Healing Master Practitioner) workshop the participants understand what happens to the client energy and emotions before/after the interventions. They lso learn many different interventions (singing bowls, breathing and chanting). They learn how the physiology (as measured by Heart Rate Variability) and bio-energy changes during and after the interventions.  The tools (Bio-Well GDV Camera and Heart Rate Variability measurement device) are available throughout the workshop for participants to learn and understand. Master Practitioner Workshop (Nada Yoga 2): The Master Practitioner workshop takes 2 full days and during the workshop the participants cover a broad range of techniques

Case Study – Low energy & idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Context: Very low energy, history of heart problems (with major high risk procedures) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. With limited additional possibilities through traditional medical processes, the person was looking to add more energy and increase vitality. Emotional imbalance (due to some chronic negative emotions) also had played a role in the imbalance. In other words, the individual needed an intervention at the Pranamaya (vital energy) and Manomaya layers (mind, emotions) and to some extend at the Vignanmaya layer (intellectual).  (Please read Pancha Kosha  article for more details on the layers) Action: After initial assessment, two focus area were identified (a)

A demo – Effect of Chanting on our mind & nervous system

Studies have down that singing, humming and chanting has significant impact on our nervous system  (autonomic nervous system) and the mind !   The study clearly indicates how the breathing rate (shown in dotted lines) and heart rate variability are in sync during Mantra Chanting ! This denotes a well balanced autonomic nervous system (and a balanced nervous system is a critical requirement for us to be in balanced and good mood. It also denotes healthy state of mind (which drives health body). Our attempt to replicate this ! We decided to do a simple experiment and requested one of our

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Sound Healing

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  is an important measure of autonomic nervous system (Read more about Stress and ANS here) and there is increasing research in the area of HRV and its positive benefits in metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes, hypertension) and general wellness. HRV is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval. HRV is used to identify potential health challenges by medical doctors. HRV can also be used as a marker of stress (or autonomic nervous system imbalance).  In general, higher HRV (more variations in the interval) indicates a more balanced

Cricket and emotions – It’s all about the mind ! (Life Coaching Example)

It was a privilege to do a few sessions with senior and junior crickets at Gujarat Cricket Association. The initiative was also appreciated by the press. This is part of our effort in increasing awareness of the role emotions and mind play in our life. At the end of the season (when Gujarat lifted the Ranji Trophy for the first time), we realised that we were privileged to have worked with the bunch of talented players on their Himalayan quest and the achievement ! Enjoy the article....(First, in Oct 2016 before the season started and Second, in 2017 when the

Inner Child Healing – Past Trauma impacting daily life

Journey of a woman who had a complete breakdown due to past baggage of a childhood of loneliness, abuse, feeling of isolation and totally introverted personality. I could see the small child that she was, in the body of an adult - still struggling to seek her moms approval that she never got in all the years - bogged down by negativity while all along she had pulled through with a strong intellect and reasoning. Under the quiet demeanor there was a lot of suppressed anger - which came out in tears all the time...while there was a lot of

Testimonial – Managing through a phase of emotional turmoil (Hypnotherapy)

Sharing the experience of a client who came for hypnotherapy sessions in Singapore when I had gone there for my workshops. Young Chinese-Malay mother of 3 kids who was going through a lot of pain, hurt, sadness and negativity due to her husbands infidelity. We only had time to do 2 sessions but going by what she writes here, it seems it really helped! Each client comes to me with varied levels of receptivity and each one takes back different things - based on their readiness to heal. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very simple yet powerful technique that

Past Life Regression Studies – a perspective

The most amazing cases on past lives and reincarnation . The explanation in the end is also very good. Must read for all who are curious and esp for those who call me and ask me a dozen questions on the phone if it’s all true!  If you are interested in reading further, you can read my other articles If I Do a Past Life Regression will I ever come back ??? “A Case Study – How Regression Therapy works?” ‪http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/06/27/kids-like-these-are-why-carl-sagan-said-reincarnation-deservers-serious-scientific-study/ Following visuals are reproduced from the article. download film Before I Fall

Love & Forgiveness – the core emotions of the Heart Chakra (A case study)

Love & Forgiveness - the core emotions of the Heart Chakra (A case study) Heart Chakra is the core of our energy centres (aka Chakra System). The emotions related to hearth chakra are "love" (and "forgiveness"). A major negativity in heart chakra emotions (i.e. not able to forget and forgive) results in an imbalance in this chakra/centre. An imbalance in Manomaya Kosha (e.g. negative emotion) results in the imbalance in Pranamaya Kosha and eventually it manifests in in the physiology. The physiology imbalance eventually impacts the organs in this region of the body such as lungs, heart, breasts as well

Chakra Singing Bowl set? Math? or Myth? – A perspective

Background information on Chakra Human ecosystem is not just a physical body but 5 layers of existence (see Pancha Kosha for details).  Chakras are part of the etheric body (or Pranamaya kosha).  At one end, they integrate with our Annamaya kosha (physical body) and at the other end they integrate with Manomaya kosha (mind, emotions, etc).  While we segregate the layers for our understanding, it is important to realise these are not water tight compartments ! If we deep dive further, the integration of each chakra with other 2 of the 5 layers of existence can be described as below:

Impact of Sound Bath Meditation (with Singing Bowls)

Sound Bath Meditation Singing bowls (used for Sound Healing) create brain wave entrainment and brings extreme relaxation for body and the mind.  The harmonics of the sound aid the meditation process. How does sound bath meditation (with singing bowls impact you ?) Last year, we used GDV Bio-Well camera and observed the energy parameters of three individuals before and after meditation. The results - not surprising - are captured below with our interpretations. I hope this inspires you to come and join Sound Bath Meditation !  PS: This is not a research study but just an observation on an individual's energy

Understanding the frequencies of a Singing Bowl

Have you ever tried to measure the speed of the train which is slowing down?  Measuring the frequency of the Himalayan Singing Bowl is a similar exercise.  The reason – each singing bowl produces multiple frequencies and hence trying to measure one frequency and giving it a “note” is similar to applying the Newton’s law into the space beyond the earth !!  (For background, we use singing bowl in sound healing and its multiple harmonics enable brain-wave entrainment and enables the mind/body to achieve deep rest, facilitating the healing process.) Spectrum Analysis of a Singing Bowl’s Sound: Let me share

Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera

Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera Acknnowledgement: This study was conducted by Dr Gan Bo of Accuteen Academy, Singapore at Vyasa Yoga Singapore. We often get asked, especially by the skeptics – “How do you know that your therapy has worked ?” There are various methods to understand how the therapy is working. First and the foremost, the client feedback on how he/she feels, what is the level of negative emotion (has it gone away?) or what is the sense on the positive emotion (i.e. feeling confident, feeling in control and so on).  The second approach – especially when there are

Integrating Singing Bowls into Yoga Practice or Yoga Therapy

Singing Bowls make a great addition to any yoga practice. As we all know that yoga covers eight limbs and is aimed at achieving higher states of meditation. In other words, the mind becomes more balanced with yoga practice.  The sound vibrations, as described in Nada Yoga practices, help us achieve calmer states of the mind. Some initial ideas are captured below but do not limit yourself to these ideas only !  You can learn the basics and based on that leverage the sound vibrations to further enhance your own yoga practice or therapy. Use of 3 bowls: Usually, the

Emotional First Aid – A modern day necessity !

Emotional First Aid - A modern day necessity Modern society is too focused on physical body and health: Enough is written about the effect of negative thoughts and beliefs on our mind and (eventually) on our physical health.  Science has now proven that the thoughts affect our mind and eventually it manifests in our physical body.  Our modern society is very pre-occupied with physical health. For example, we spend millions globally on beauty care products which focuses on our outer appearance. Our nutrition is largely focused on the physical body.  Our daily work-out is often oriented towards our physical health. 

Sound Healing & Homeostasis

Sound Healing & Homeostasis How does the Sound helps in healing ? Sound healing works across many levels. Lets examine one core benefit of sound healing on our nervous system and how it triggers homeostasis (a balanced condition necessary for healing). We will focus only on homeostasis and autonomous nervous system impact of sound healing in this article to get clarity on how the healing is triggered by sound healing. Healing Begins when you relax and achieve Homeostasis:  Lets understand what is Homeostasis and how it triggers self-healing. If you recall the wisdom from “Stress Management” article, during stress (i.e.

Stress Management – Why, how and what?

We often deal with clients or teams who are stressed and have often not realized the impact the stress has on the mind and body.  Many individuals are not able to relate to their emotions or just go on with life very mechanically or are looking for a spark or external triggers to keep them happy.  The article articulates what is stress and how chronic stress has a significant impact on our mind and body. What is Stress? Stress is our “response” to any kind of demanding situation.  This situation can be (1) real danger (facing a lion) or (2)

The Fundamentals of Financial Wellness

I usually clarify upfront that this is not about financial planning but it is about bringing the much needed balance in your finances and how you feel about it (often connected with Mulaadhar/root chakra !). Financial wellness is not about using financial health checks (which are available across the internet) but it is about understanding the basic rules (yes, not just principles !) which govern our financial wellness, have a good plan and most importantly feel satisfied with where you stand and your planned future ahead (despite the uncertainties !) . Common-sense is not so common  :  Solutions to the most complex

Mind Surgeons !

MIND SURGEONS   …That’s what I think we regression therapists are! Today as I was sitting in the hospital where my husband had undergone a minor surgery in his knee…. I couldn't help but reflect how similar is my job to that of a surgeon. A surgeon works at fixing damaged parts or removing unwanted (tumors) ones from the body using surgery. I work at fixing damaged emotions/memories of the past or at removing unwanted fears, phobias, habits, beliefs etc. from the subconscious mind!! I don't use surgical tools but do use mind based tools and techniques!! Before doing the

Healer or a Therapist?

Image Source: Trisha Caetano's Inner Child Training Manual Many people who contact me think I am a Healer - no, I am not! I am a Therapist and not a Healer. There are many gifted souls in the world who have a natural ability to see, hear and sense things, they can see the past, present and future and also heal others through some unbelievable methods (the hugging Amma etc) - however, I am NOT one of those. I dont have a psychic ability to see things and neither do  have the ability to cure or heal others problems -

Have you experienced Sound Bath to recharge yourself ? (Sound Healing)

Have you experienced Sound Bath to recharge yourself ?  I have had a singing bowl for 10 years but I was formally introduced to singing bowls by Satya Brat. This month, I was able to spend significant amount of time in Nepal and learn some advanced technique from Shree Krishna Shahi - who learnt the nuances from his grandfather (a Shaman of Tibetan Origin). It has been a fascinating journey for me since music is in my name and I have been learning Tabla since ages but sound healing is very different from healing by music (both have a valid role


I  had always been a skeptic and non-believer for rituals or any such “hokey pokey” and “woodoo” stuff like Black Magic or Foreign Entity attachments etc. I used to believe it is all a figment of a few peoples active imagination & creativity coupled with a slight imbalance in the brains! Brought up by parents who didn’t even go to temples, I believed ghosts, entities and black magic was all paranoia and hallucinations of the weak minded. However, over the years I have been forced to rethink this – especially after my various therapy experiences with clients. We all know

Story and testimonials – Inner Child Work & Healing from within

Story and testimonials - Inner Child Work & Healing from within Its definitely not a coincidence that after completing my 1st module of Inner Child Integration Training I have come back to 3 clients who had severely wounded inner children. One was a retd prof of psychology - whose childhood was full of physical abuse and violence. The little girl seeing the father beat up the mother and siblings on daily basis with a stick had decided she will be a fighter - will be strong and yet her little self was also carrying the guilt of not being able

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Testimonials of a non-believer who finally experienced extreme relaxation (sound healing), dealt with her negative emotions & learnt techniques (e.g. EFT) to address negativity ! Hi Riri - I hope this finds you well. I am sorry it took me so long to send you a thank you note. I am back in California and back to my routine busy life, but I am happy to report that the few sessions we had have gone a long way in helping me. I have a much more positive outlook and have been using some of the techniques you taught me. A few weeks ago

Coping with a break-up

A woman in late 20s, studying overseas who came for therapy sometime last year (2015) "Where did I go wrong? What did I do that drove him away? He said he loved me, then why did he leave me? Even after almost two years of my break up I just couldn’t accept the fact that he had left me. I was not able to move on. I tried various things to get on with my life. But nothing helped. How could I forget him after all I thought he was love of my life? But if he truly was love

Building Focus and Confidence !

Perspective from a young woman Everyone of us come across certain problems in life. Be it schools, colleges etc. Friends and peers might come our way which ultimately leads to distortions. I encountered a similar problem. With certain glitches relating to my friends, my entire focus moved away from my studies and a lot of energy in terms of thinking was let into these small issues with friends click to read more. Eventually, this thinking took the shape of anger and frustration. I felt like running away from some friends only because I was not able to deal with them.

Newton’s Law in Our Lives….some reflections (Life Coaching)

We are all energy bodies and every interaction we have with outside world there is constant energy exchange, action and reaction. Hence what we are 'inside' (heart, mind, emotions) is what those outside of us react to...!! If we are angry, fuming mad, we give out those signals unknowingly and we end up having everyone and everything around us reacting to our energies based on that anger. The moment we relax, the world around us also changes and things start falling in place. Most of us in today's times (thanks to our education and upbringing) are so caught up trying

Healing by Accepting the Past, respecting the Present and giving yourself the Future..

Healing by Accepting the Past, respecting the Present and giving yourself the Future.. Therapy is not just about addressing your problems or getting solutions...it is also not for those who are sick or disturbed....Therapy helps in accepting the past as it was and giving the strength and solutions for moving forward. Sharing the experience of a friend who says she need not be anonymous ! She had limited time, came for 2-3 sessions and yet whatever work we did, seems to have helped her in her own way........As a therapist I do not give answers or solutions - I can only

….of Love & Marriages…..

……OF LOVE & MARRIAGES I am totally not surprised at the number of clients who come to me complaining about their marriage & spouse. Many times they see their spouses as their biggest problems – from not feeling loved to emotional or physical abuse to complaining inlaws etc etc – the spectrum of complains is very wide. And it is the same irrespective of whether the marriage was a love marriage or arranged marriage. Just like Gary Chapman in his book ‘5 Love Languages’ says – all that ‘in love’ experience ends after first 2 yrs – and both types

No mistakes in life ! Only Experiences !!

NO MISTAKES IN LIFE…. While Chetan Bhagat writes a book about the 3 mistakes of his life – I choose to write and believe there are no mistakes in life…only lessons and experiences! It may sound very bashful, egoistic and like a justification for everything I have done ‘wrong’ – in eyes of others (society, individuals etc). And yet risking all those judgements I wish to share my two bits – however it may sound to everyone. From the time we grow up, we are taught what to do and not to do – and every time we break that

HAPPI-NOMICS (All about happiness)

HAPPI-NOMICS… Last week I had a discussion with my forum group about Happiness and I tried hard to convince one elderly gentleman that happiness has absolutely no connection to job or money. He was shocked and found it hard to even start thinking about it!! His expression was as if I am telling him that we live on Mars! Yes, money and comfort if not there, bring unhappiness but they are not sources of happiness according to my understanding and self experience! (I know some people would say “Id rather be miserable in a Mercedes than on the footpath!” and

Self Esteem isn’t a gift, it is a process….

Achievers and Self Worth I have come across many men and women who are high achievers or perfectionists (type A personalities as they are called) in life – who are always striving to be better in everything they do, seeking perfection out of everything including themselves. A lot of times the deep rooted emotion is of low self worth. A person with low self worth constantly seeks to achieve point …A and once reached there its not good enough so the new goal is A+and then A++ and so on. This is not a generalization but my observation in working

Our relationships – mirrors in our Life !

Our relationships. Our mirrors in our Life… I had always believed I was a free-spirited person – totally for freedom in everything – and that I detested control of any sort. I had always tried to fight off any sort of control that I felt was coming my way either by parents, spouse, boss etc. I also always had this ‘issue‘ with my spouse on how controlling he is – deciding what is good for me, not good for me, what I should do and shouldn’t do, and I always resented anything the said/did/suggested because I felt it was coming

Why do we have 2 nostrils?

Why should we sleep on our left side after meal..... This is surprisingly linked to our nostrils! As we sleep on our left side, the armpits get compressed, activating the point connected to our nadis. When our left arm pit is pressed, the right nostril is activated. The right nostril governs metabolism and heats up the body. Hence by sleeping on the left side after a meal, we activate the nadi to help digest our food better! Of course, at a more physical level, the shape of the stomach (located on our left side) is also such that sleeping on

Overseas Client visited Ahmedabad for Therapy

She came with anxiety and stomach related issues. She wanted to be able to eat all her favourite foods that she was not able eat due to stomach not being able to digest all the heavy foods. She also had lots of past baggage she needed to let go and a lot of fear about others, what others will think and say about her. Fear was holding her back from expressing herself and also making her feel she was always unwell. She took a week of therapy (Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression sessions) and worked on her fears and stomach. Whatever

Why should we eat with our fingers?

Eating with fingers has been recently looked down up - considered not very sophisticated or suave. Especially, at restaurants, people even eat pizzas with fork and knife!! Eating with the fingers has multiple benefits - some very obvious and some not very obvious. Our bodies are made up of 5 elements/pranas - so is everything in Universe - these are - Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether/Space. They are represented by the 5 fingers (see image below). It is believed that these five elements energize the food, cleansing it of any negative vibes and preparing it for us to eat. These

Panch Prana – Pranic Force Fields

Most people loosely associate Prana with breath. While Prana is NOT breath but our engergetic field or Life Force. Prana is present in everything - whether living or non living! Everything in creation has prana - with varying degrees of density/frequencies. The book by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati on Prana and Pranayama mentions this experiement conducted in USA on Swami Nadabrahmananda Saraswati who could remain comfortable without breathing for extended periods just by power of his prana. He was placed in an airtight glass chamber. A lighted candle and a live monkey were placed in similar chambers. Electrodes were connected to

If I Do a Past Life Regression will I ever come back ???

Is the question I get all the time from all those who hear that I do Past Life Regression therapy. They also ask ‘will those memories affect my current life relationships?’  And the answer to both is YES. Past Life Regression Now depending upon whether the person is visual or auditory or kinesthetic, the recall of a past life may be different. Some see it as a entire movie, while others just get ‘an understanding’ of the entire story from some images, some don’t see anything at all but just sense or feel it. Some connect with sounds or sensations.

Pancha Kosha (MY 5 BODIES)-An Integrated Approach to Health based on Ancient Texts

Few thousand years back our wise ones knew and understood that we are not just our physical bodies. There so much more to our existence than just the muscles, bones, flesh, blood and organs. Taittriya Upanishad written 3000+ yrs ago mentions the ‘Pancha Kosha’ – 5 Layers of Existence that we all have – which is the basis of the Integrated Yoga Therapy that I have learnt and practice. It gives us a holistic perspective of our selves – not limiting it to our physical body. Today if I go to a doctor with the problem of High Blood Pressure

A Case Study – How does Current or Past Life Regression Therapy work?

Current or Past Life Regression Process Every time I mention being a Regression Therapist or even a Past Life Regression Therapist I am met with a big question mark – What the heck is this Regression Therapy???? Let me share this case study with everyone – which I worked on sometime ago – that explains somewhat the kind of work I do. The names and places are changed to maintain confidentiality. I was called up urgently (was told it was a critically urgent case) regarding a 20 yr old female student who had tried to commit suicide twice. She was

MOVES OF LIFE – Some thoughts on our move back to Amdavad (India)

Ever since I have moved to Ahmedabad (nearly 3 months now) after almost 18 yrs I get a lot of questions about how have we settled in, why did we decide to move back and how are the kids taking it. Lots of those asking questions are either themselves considering moving back or have wanted to but have not managed to or plain curious. So thought of writing this note wholesale jerseys with my thoughts which I have to keep repeating in separate emails/phones etc to everyone. The thoughts, ideas and opinions are totally personal, driven by my own thinking, prejudices and