Wellness Space has an integrated certification program for Sound Healing. First level (Practitioner level) focuses on singing bowls (basic techniques) and the principles (art and the science) of sound healing. Second stage goes into the depth of singing bowls modalities and introduces chanting and breathing. This level (Master Practitioner) also incorporates the use of various technologies and qualitative methods to evaluate the progress of the client. It prepares the participant to demonstrate and explain the power of sound healing. Beyond Master Practitioner, the approach is more qualitative and is worked at an individual level with the instructor.

Contact :

[email protected] or call +91.9574742288

Logistics & Energy Exchange :

Naad Yoga 1:

Dec 23 (Sun), 9am to 530pm (and one more optional follow-up session for practice for 3 hours to be decided by the group)

Energy Exchange: Rs 5000. (includes a manual, pendulum & lunch/snacks).


Wellness Space, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009


Gunjan Trivedi (Life Coach, Sound Healer) has 20 years of global experience (lived in Japan, Singapore, China and the US. At present, he is based in India) and plays various sound instruments (Indian Classical Drums – Tabla, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks etc).

Background information on Sound Healing:

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