We are proud to be listed as Top 10 Best NLP Consultants for Corporates by CEO Insights.  Kudos to Gunjan Y Trivedi (NLP Trainer) whose work, projects and research is instrumental in making this happen.

Some unique aspects of our NLP Training are captured in this article (link at the end of the paragraph has full article):

Our NLP training includes the usual Practitioner(5 days) & Master Practitioner (12 days), and specific short courses related to managing mind, energy and emotions. The focus is on the outcome i.e. driving better habits, choices and results. The courses are backed by our scientific research & projects, some of it are still in the publication stages and hence not on the public domain. This unique aspect has ensured a trainer effectiveness of 5/5 for our trainings in India and also in Singapore!

We measure changes in the body, energy and emotions – before, during and after the intervention to understand how an individual is responding to various NLP interventions. Our technology coupled with the global experience, gives us a unique advantage over peers. We also have our own Integrated Regression Therapy Certification which includes everything about mind, energy and emotions.

In the coming years, we expect to continue producing more and more scientific evidence to enhance our services in peak performance management.