In her own words…….Anger, Low self-worth, Negativity & Relationship issues

“Life throws many curve balls at you. I call these periods of transformation. During such periods one needs guidance, a good friend. Ririben is one such person who has not only given me courage to sail through the darkest period in my life but has also introduced me with my inner self, my spirit. Facing a personal crisis in my marital situation, being depressed and full of anxiety, I approached her. I had very limited time as I was travelling to USA.

She gently asked me ‘how can I help you?’ Well I had a lot to ask from her but I just said ‘I need help with my anger issues’. Here began the transformation journey. The EFT technique was just a stepping stone to lift up my emotionally downward trail. I went for about 7 hypnotherapy sessions with her. I realized my own reasons for being angry; something that has been with me since I was a child or even earlier than that. 

Today it has been about a month after the last session and I can confidently say that, I have been able to control my anger in most situations and feel much better about myself. These sessions have also improved my relationship with my parents and brother as I understand them in a better way and can explain myself in a calm and composed manner. Moreover, the positive affirmation technique continues to brighten my subconscious. I also took about 3 sessions with Gunjanbhai for sound healing. One is in heaven when you are undergoing sound therapy. I intend to continue this journey with Ririben and Gunjanbhai to continue to connect with my inner self and to live life to its fullest.” 

– Female 35, having a rough time with her marriage and relationships with challenges such as anxiety and panic attacks.

Wellness Space Perspective:
This case combined Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy and Sound Healing (with singing bowls) to facilitate the desired outcome for the client.  Sharing one such clients experience who had come with anger issues but seems to be in a much better space now – and once she is back we hope to continue working in other areas of her life. We have seen very good results with those who come with complete trust and surrender (to the process and the therapist).If the attitude is “here are my issues, you fix me, you do everything and I will just see how i can be helped” doesn’t help much. Doing the homework, practicing the techniques taught and working on self sincerely go a long way in self healing and effectiveness of the therapies.