She had come with severe social anxiety and insomnia. Was very uncomfortable in crowds and had anxiety when she met new people. She had an unhealthy relationship with food and would often binge eat. She slept hardly 3-4 hours at night.

After therapy she sleeps a good 8 hrs. Social anxiety has totally gone and she reported having interacted with a few hundred people in a social event. Has also improved her eating habits and managed to lose weight.

In her words “I am a 22 year old woman with anxiety and self-confidence issues. Rather I was a woman with anxiety and self-confidence issues. It took three sessions with Riri for me to understand, deal with it  and overcome my issues. She is a thorough professional who spoke to me with complete lack of judgment. She created a safe space for me to express myself and lay everything that was troubling me out on the table. She checked in on me even between my sessions to see how I was dealing with life in general. Moreover, over the three sessions, she has equipped me with tools to deal with my anxiety and any other issues that may crop up in the future. Unfortunately we are yet to de-stigmatize therapy and counseling in our country. As someone who has benefitted from it immensely, I urge anyone reading this to not be afraid to ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak. On the contrary it takes immense courage. The wellness space, with Riri and their other professionals, is exceptionally well equipped and always eager to help”

Change in Anxiety, Depression and Wellbeing scores

Therapies used were inner child work, gestalt, regression therapy and subconscious reprogramming, metaphor and guided imagery

This was an exceptional case where we managed to get such good results for anxiety and insomnia in just 3 sessions. Maybe age and less baggage was the key. Usually it takes anything between 5-8 sessions or get similar results.

Riri G Trivedi