Current or Past Life Regression Process

Every time I mention being a Regression Therapist or even a Past Life Regression Therapist I am met with a big question mark – What the heck is this Regression Therapy???? Let me share this case study with everyone – which I worked on sometime ago – that explains somewhat the kind of work I do. The names and places are changed to maintain confidentiality.
I was called up urgently (was told it was a critically urgent case) regarding a 20 yr old female student who had tried to commit suicide twice. She was studying out of town and her parents had brought her back since she couldn’t continue her study with her state of mind. All I was told is that she is having some sort of depression.

I met this lovely, smart and very very intelligent sounding girl the very next day – and like most teens she was reluctant to come and see me – she didn’t want to go see a therapist! She came across as very sorted out and on the face of it the only problem that came across obviously was that she was forced to study something which she didn’t want to – she wanted to explore some other area of study while her parents had pushed her into studying for medicine. That’s it! Towards the end of our talk, she casually mentioned that she had these ‘imaginary friends’ and she only found out they were imaginary very recently!! Which means she used to write to them, talk to them for hours, she knew about their families and had mentioned about them to all her friends! But now she was convinced by everyone that these friends (she had them for last 6+ yrs) don’t exist!!
This set off some alarm bells in my mind. Was it borderline Schizophrenia or was it a Multiple Personality Disorder? The psychiatric report from her college docs mentioned borderline personality disorder and depression but this revelation totally shook me.

I consulted my teacher in Singapore- Antoinette and a fellow therapist who is also a senior doctor in Singapore – Dr Peter Mack – and geared up to do whatever I could to help her. While Dr Mack said he said he wouldn’t take up this case if he were me – as it was quiet complicated but he also encouraged met to try out a few things that may work.

We first started by finding out the overall life story of hers – major life events, traumas etc. This is to get an idea about what events could have contributed to her current state and if they need to be worked on.

As we started out, I first examined her current state of mind – She had huge trust issues with parents (level of trust was 1/10 for parents and 2/10 for others – 10 being highest and 1 being lowest). She also had a lot of fear for parents (7-8/10) and very low self esteem and confidence (2/10). Her relationship with parents was very strained and she would spend time alone in her room – with no interaction with parents. She also couldn’t sleep more than 2 hrs. Was struggling with weight issues as well. She was on psychiatric medications as well.

Then I started work on imaginary friends – used a technique to figure out that these were merely energy attachments that she had picked up in 8th grade when she was very afraid of her parents regarding her language score. She had invited one of this ‘imaginary friend’ to support her in her fear – and slowly this friend started becoming a reality! She would seek emotional support and strength from this friend and eventually she also made up her mind that she wanted to have a career that he was passionate about! The rest of the 4 imaginary friends were this guys siblings and room mates! She also learnt a foreign language in record time – thanks to one of this ‘imaginary’ friend being of that nationality! I taught her a meditation technique to protect herself in future from such unnecessary energy intrusions. I did some work on releasing these energy attachments (the imaginary friend apparently was a guy residing in USA and she mentioned his home address and the fact that he died of lymphoma – (she mentioned the name of hospital and doctor treating him as well) and while dying his biggest regret was that he couldn’t become a linguist – which is what this girl now wanted to become!) This boy had died with the incomplete desire of completing his research in Phonetics. I did the needful work and managed to clear up the energy – it was tough since the friends were not willing to let her go – they were worried about her (since they were created to emotionally support her in the first place!) Once the imaginary friends vanished we started working on her current life issues. There were incidents on sexual molestation in childhood – when she was as young as 4 and 5! This was by immediate cousins – and she was getting nightmares about it till date! Managed to work on that using some regression and hypnotherapy techniques. Her trust for parents was all time low since she had tried to tell her mom about it but she brushed it off saying that such things happen and one should deal with it.”My own parents don’t believe me” was her ruling emotion. Dealt with that as well. Her fear of parents had taken root in early childhood when she was constantly compared to her cousin and expected to be like her. She felt her parents used to expect her to always get good marks and used to beat her up regularly if she didn’t do well in school. (Parents denied it and said she is making up stories or exaggerating). I also dealt with that using some therapy techniques so that she understood her situation from a higher and more objective level of understanding. I also called her parents twice for counselling – sharing with them some literature, convincing them to change their stand, giving them a different perspective to parenting. I shared the poem “CHILDREN – by KAHLIL GIBRAN” The mother was visibly moved and realized where she had gone wrong – her own pressures to look good in eyes of inlaws, the comparisons that she had faced – were all projected and passed on to her small girl early on – unknowingly. The mother realized she had to change her relationship with her daughter. Worked on counselling the girl as well. Worked on many of her current life issues – childhood memories that were painful, traumatic, that had hurt her and made her feel alone. Did a lot of positive visualizations on her for self confidence and self esteem. Asked her to do affirmations on confidence, self love etc which she did regularly. Her medications reduced to almost negligible.

As we progressed in therapy she started appearing more cheerful. She said for the first time that day (the day I had shared the poem on children with her mom) she spoke to her mom all night and they shared a lot – something they hadn’t done in ages! She had started gyming for her weight loss. She had slowly started sleeping 7 hrs at a stretch instead of 2 hrs. She changed her diet and was more and more confident about her career choice. She realized her parents loved her and did whatever they could in their own way – which was not necessarily the right way – but they were not entirely to blame. She admitted she was also quite rash and used to take extreme steps at times. She used to resent her cousin with whom she was constantly compared – but after therapy she called her and spoke to her after ages – with no hatred or resentment. She understood that maybe the cousin must have also felt equally miserable on being constantly compared with her!! Towards the end of therapy (about 6 sessions with her and 2 with her parents) she told me now she was very happy and had no problems whatsoever. Her Trust for parents went up to 8/10 (from 1/10) and her fear of parents reduced from 8/10 to 2/10. She felt she could share everything with them now without any fear whatsoever. Her self esteem shot up to a 8/10 from 2/10 and Confidence went up to a high of 9/10!! She had no more nightmares. Her relationship with even those in her extended family had improved. I closed her case and sent her off with my love and blessings and told her to see me if ever she felt low or if she felt a dip in future. I hope it doesn’t happen! All along, it really didn’t matter whether she was saying the truth or her parents. Whether the imaginary friends were energy attachments or plain imaginations. It didn’t matter whether she was actually molested or not – and whether her mother believed her or not. MY job was not to verify these incidences. She got healed and that’s what mattered Her reality and truth may be different from her parents – and as a therapist who am I to judge if she was lying about few things or her parents? As long as she is feeling good, her medications have stopped and she feels she is problem free – my job is done! So this is the kind of regression work that my therapy involves. At times there is a need to go into some past life events as well – and whether clients believes in a past life or not – it still works! At times the clients go into memories from the womb – and this also very powerfully heals a lot of issues that may have started from the mothers womb – largely due to external environment and mothers own state of mind. This kind of therapy works very well in cases where medical science falters – psychological issues, behavioral issues, chronic dreams, nightmares, anger issues, relationship issues, repeated life patterns, negativity, addictions, fears, phobias or even medical conditions like Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis etc. We never ask the clients to stop medications – these therapies go hand in hand with medications – only once the therapy starts working the medicines are usually weaned off after consulting the doctor. We as humans who have come on earth to experience life – end up accumulating so much baggage from our current life and past lives – and this baggage usually becomes the root cause of most of our problem – including health issues. Once this baggage is removed and past issues resolved with higher level understanding all things fall in place beautifully!

I hope more and more people become aware of how much alternative therapies can help – and not just resort to medicines for every single problem they have!

Ririi Trivedi