This section coves (a) Client Testimonials (b) Case studies – usually including the client progress as measured by the parameters provided by the client (c) Publications – demonstrating external validation of the scientific journal and (d) any other data or write-up related to validation of the work we do.  The objective is to provide an idea to the viewer about the work we do and the evidence of the benefit/value or external validation.

Client stories, media & more

Childhood trauma intervention: The testimonial write-up by the client (Therapist: Meenakshi Nair)

The individual came with very high assessment (both intensity and frequency) of adverse childhood experiences (ACE score) or childhood trauma.  There were obvious outcomes in the area of emotional health, such as poor well-being, high level of depression and anxiety, poor sleep quality, as shown in the visual below under "before". Post the initial consultation, Riri G Trivedi suggested that Meenakshi Nair would work with the individual.  The assessment also included trauma related outcomes (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD), anger, the need to take revenge, hatred, trust issues, relationship issues, migraine and so on. About 6 months and about 12

Testimonial – From depression and anxiety (with medications) to better quality of life (no medications) !

The following captures the journey of one of the individuals in his/her words.  It brings to life the work we do and keeps us going! Our perspective: Individuals take multiple possible paths to wellbeing when they work with us.  This individual chose to start with the self-help workshop (Module 1 - The Journey Within) and pursued the self-regulation evidence-based techniques such as the SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and continued further through Module 2.  The focus during module 1 was not just learning these methods but on the relentless application for his/her own wellbeing! To be fair, he/she

Health consequences of anger issues and the need for psychotherapy

Health consequences of anger issues and the need for psychotherapy Compared to sadness, anger increases the risk for chronic disease in adults and this is validated by research.  Anger contributes to chronic inflammation and while the inflammation helps in the short term, the long term low-grade inflammation increases the risk for chronic disease with ageing [1]. Insights on how anger impacts the mind and the body: "Anger also causes the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. The release of this hormone gives the body bursts of energy. However, too much of this hormone can cause a multitude of

Phobia of Dogs – case study of workshop participant

Phobia of Dogs - case study of workshop participant One of the core elements of our Module 4 (Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Training Certification) is Fast Phobia Cure technique and the methodology of Memory Reconsolidation to address traumatic memories followed by future pacing and guided imagery.  We are happy to share the outcome from one of the participants, Anagha Nagpal on phobia of dogs.  She worked on an individual who had "Severe" phobia of dogs as per DSM V Severity measure for Specific phobia.  After several weeks and a couple of follow-up sessions, the client's phobia reduced to

DD Girnar – Gunjan Y Trivedi talking about Simple humming, nitric oxide and more

Apr 2021 DD Girnar featuring Gunjan Y Trivedi as one of the participants.  You can listen to the video and understand the difference between "fear" and "courage". He talks about how simple humming (Bhramari) can be done to improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions.  Moreover, he shares the research about the ability to enhance nitric oxide levels through simple humming (that is not possible in slow breathing/pranayama without the sound). Background research supporting his comments is available via this link. कोरोना की अभय संजीवनी | આપણાં મુદ્દા આપણી વાત | Aapna Mudda Aapni Vaat | 20-04-2021 डीडी गिरनार पर आज

Chronic Sinusitis & The SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis (A Practitioner’s perspective)

Chronic Sinusitis & The SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis (A Practitioner's perspective) The individual joined one month long research we had conducted in Nov 2020 for the SEE Protocol's impact on anxiety, depression and sleep quality.  This was an unsolicited feedback about how the practice of humming (simple Bhramari) along with the SEE Protocol (which also includes humming as the step 1) had a profound benefit for her.  We are sharing her verbatim since she agreed that we should share this experience broadly ! In her words: "I’ve had chronic sinusitis for as long as I can remember. Treatment had varied

COVID Tales…. Overcoming extreme fear of COVID

COVID Tales…. Overcoming extreme fear of COVID He is a psychologist in his early thirties - and entire COVID period he has managed to stay stuck in his home with his parents for 9 months. The fear of COVID was so much that he wouldn’t let his parents leave the house and also wouldn’t allow any visitors to come in including family members. He was so scared of getting COVID that he would not touch or allow anyone to touch the groceries for 3 weeks after they had ordered and arrived! He had tried counselling and other psychotherapy techniques earlier

Publication: Measuring the effectiveness of Regression Therapy – Proposed methodology and case studies and psychological parameters

Perspectives from Wellness Space on  Regression Therapy - methodology and case studies: The article below on Regression Therapy - methodology and case studies captures detailed methodology with specific examples and highlights do's and don'ts. We have integrated this methodology in our Integrated Certification for Regression Therapy & Life Coaching workshops. The workshops are relevant for those who wish to become coaches or therapists (certification pathway) and also for individuals who wish to just experience the benefits of Regression Therapy (experiential pathway). Details are captured below in the visual. For all publications by the Society for Energy & Emotions, you can click

External Funding Announcement for Research on Regression Therapy

Super excited and grateful to have finally got funding for research on Regression Therapy and Anxiety approved and supported by EARTh Association (Earth Association for Regression Therapy) !! This is our first externally funded research* conducted at Society for Energy & Emotions @ Wellness Space and we hope with this we can set off a trend for much more work in the field of Mind-Body-Wellness Research. The research explored The impact of Regression Therapy on Generalized Anxiety Disorder**. We are grateful to the EARTh Research Committee for supporting and encouraging us to venture into this area of research by

Regression Therapy Tales – When I learnt to hate myself

Regression Therapy Case Study When she walked in her body language was totally closed - she hugged herself tightly throughout the consultation and barely spoke. She was very articulate and smart and told me she had seen a psychiatrist sometime back but didn’t want to take pills. She had marked off most of the symptoms off the list on our form - Nervousness, Poor Health, Low Self-esteem, Inability to relax, Marital problems, Sleeplessness, Sexual Dysfunction, Recent Divorce, Drug Abuse, Depression, Smoking, Childhood trauma. Her Well-Being score was as low was 20% and MDI (Measure of Depression Inventory) was high at

Inner Child Regression Therapy – a case study with ACE Score

Background: He had come with severe anxiety and depression. A friend recommended him to visit us, but he didn’t contact us for a few months. When he came to see me he was totally closed, skeptical about therapy and showing signs of depression. He had a history of childhood abuse and his ACE score was 5. Alcoholic father, abusive mother and a series of abusive relationships had broken his spirit from within. He was very-disassociated and couldn’t connect effectively with his immediate family members. He wasn’t close to his mom who also was abused in his childhood. Other therapists had

Credentials for Past Life Regression skills at Wellness Space

Riri G Trivedi is certified Regression Therapist with a Diploma in Regression Therapy from Past Life Regression Academy and a member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association. These skills, learnt in Singapore from some of the best teachers in the field, prepares her to guide the client in the best possible way. Along with her skills as Inner Child therapist, Hypnotherapist and a Regression Therapist, she can provide an integrated solution to suit the client needs. In Riri's experience, many clients seek help and also request for past life regression therapy. Riri usually guides the client after understanding the needs with

Conference Presentation: Best Paper Award – Mind-body benefits of chanting and implications of breathing in simple Bhramari practice

The following paper presentation was awarded the best paper in Health Category at Chinmaya University Conference on New Frontiers in Sanskrit and Indic Studies, 2019. This award was presented by the worldwide leader of Chinmaya Mission HH Swami Tejomayanand on Dec 18, 2019. Abstract: Mind-body benefits of chanting and implications of breathing in simple Bhramari practice Author: Gunjan Y Trivedi, Dr Banshi Saboo Chanting is a core meditative and spiritual practice prevalent across many different religions of the world. Scientific evidence  has demonstrated the mind-body benefits of chanting, specifically on the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory systems including

Publication: Case Study – Quality of Life in Oral Cancer Survivors: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad

Please note this case study is publishd by IIM, Ahmedabad and can be purchased from IIM-Ahmedabad, Case Center. Acknowledgement: Prof KV Ramani, Gunjan Y Trivedi, Dr Parimal Jivarajani, Prof Mitesh Shah This case study was developed with following learning objectives based on collaboration between health care management, preventive oncology, complementary therapy and statistician. Learning objectives: 1. What is Oral Cancer 2. What are the Physical and Social side effects of Oral Cancer 3. Cancer and Mind-Body balance 4. How complementary therapies like Yoga can restore the mind-body balance after medical treatment for oral cancer. The work done at Society for

Testimonial – Addressing Insomnia through Coherent Breathing

Addressing Insomnia ONLY through Coherent Breathing ! Following is a verbatim feedback written to me of a friend who contacted me with a few challenges - specifically Insomnia.  He managed to get the Emwave Pro device (again it was a rare coincidence that got him the device !). He, being a well educated professional, ensured there was credibility behind the device and the method and kept pursing the perfection via (a) regular practice (b) questions about the method and (c) validation of the daily data measurement.  In few days, the sleep quality improved and the rest is history.  Today, after

In her own words…….Anger, Low self-worth, Negativity & Relationship issues

In her own words.......Anger, Low self-worth, Negativity & Relationship issues "Life throws many curve balls at you. I call these periods of transformation. During such periods one needs guidance, a good friend. Ririben is one such person who has not only given me courage to sail through the darkest period in my life but has also introduced me with my inner self, my spirit. Facing a personal crisis in my marital situation, being depressed and full of anxiety, I approached her. I had very limited time as I was travelling to USA. She gently asked me ‘how can I help

Testimonial of a 19 year old with Anxiety and Panic attack

She is all of 19 and came to us with lots of anxiety and negativity. She had panic attacks and anxiety would happen 3-4 times a day - everyday - symptoms where shivering, shaking, heartbeats increasing and snapping at everyone. In her own words ! https://soundcloud.com/wellness-space/client-testimonial-anxiety-panic-attacks Her confidence was low at 3/10 and relationship with father was a mess. She had lot of anger for parents because their relationship was rocky and volatile and it had affected her. She felt her home atmosphere was very negative. She was close to her mother who was the “victim” in the family and

Doordarshan (DD Girnar) TV talk – Riri G Trivedi, Yoga with Heart Care

Aapna Mudda Aapni Vaat, આપણા મુદ્દા આપણી વાત વિષય- યોગ વિથ હાર્ટ કેર વિષય નિષ્ણાત- ડો. સમીર દાણી, કાર્ડિયોલોજીસ્ટ, રીરી ત્રિવેદી, યોગ નિષ્ણાત #YOGA #HEALTH #HART #DDGIRNAR

Newspaper article about Wellness Space interns, clients and research

Great to see Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space research and projects getting featured in news today.  The article quotes some of our interns (Kratika, Aalia from Nirma and their photograph along with photos of Mahima and Laxmi of LD College of Engineering). The work of Fariburz Irani and his quotes are also included.  It is heartening to see Viral Vedani, a cancer survivor, being quoted about the benefits he got during his recovery process. Thank you all our clients and well-wishers.... Gunjan and Riri Trivedi

Publication: Can decreased heart rate variability be a marker of autonomic dysfunction, metabolic syndrome and diabetes?

Can't have better recognition of the concept !!  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is core to the Naad Yoga (Sound Healing) workshops we conduct and here is one publication on its role in disease or imbalance.   HRV is an important concept covered in Naad Yoga 2 and more depth is explored in Naad Yoga 3.  Our 220 hours Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification also includes this concept (coherence) into the SEE Protocol for self-hypnosis or mindfulness. This work was presented first time as a concept in World Congress of Chronomedicine in 2016 (KGMU, Lucknow) and it found its way into

Case study – exam fear, lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts, anger and more

She is all of 16th and studying in Grade 12. Her mother sought us out because she was struggling with too much negativity, couldn’t concentrate on her studies and having suicidal thoughts. She also had a very low self-esteem and lots of anger. Confidence was at an all-time low. Her mother came and met us – and wasn’t sure if she will be convinced for therapy. She came for the 1st session and felt a huge surge in her confidence. Once her psychiatrist found out she was taking sessions – he told her to not continue. He told the mother

Measuring the effectiveness of the intervention (using WHO-5 Wellbeing index)

At Wellness Space, we make an attempt to quantify the effect of the intervention. One such example is the use of WHO-5 Wellbeing Index (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25831962), a commonly used and simple tool. Our data (of 11 individuals who completed 4 sessions and also completed the WHO-5 survey before the first and after the fourth session) is captured in the visual. Score below 52% shows "poor wellbeing" (ideally requiring an evaluation for depression). The average score moved up from 32% (Before) to 63% (After) showing significant enhancement in the individuals' wellbeing. In 10 out of 11 individuals the score went up (the

Client case study & Testimonial – Improvement in wellbeing after working on Self-esteem and fear

Testimonial: Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy: She is 41 years old and came in with acute loneliness and feeling of suffocation because she was staying with her parents. She complained of her father being too controlling and disciplined and she was always scared and angry with him. She is a divorcee and had been through a couple of relationships that didn’t work out “I feel like a failure,” she said and her boss and colleagues were always critical of her. She was an angry person with hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts and PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease). Self esteem was 3/10 (10 being

News18 Gujarati Coverage – April 2018

News18 Gujarati review of Sound Healing/Naad Yoga.   https://gujarati.news18.com/news/india/tibetan-sound-therapy-for-the-rest-of-the-mind-in-the-heat-sj-752046.html ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી અપનાવો ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી. News18 Gujarati Updated: April 2, 2018, 10:07 PM IST દીપિકાબહેન ખુમાણ ઋતુમાં બદલાવ આવતાં વ્યક્તિના સ્વભાવમાં બદલાવ જોવા મળે છે એટલે જ તો ઉનાળાની ઋતુ એવી ઋતુ છે, જેમાં તમને સૌથી વધારે ઝઘડા કરતા લોકો અથવા અકસ્માત જોવા મળશે. આવી ઋતુમાં તમારા સ્વભાવને શાંત કરવા અને તમારા શરીરનાં ચક્રોને કાબૂમાં કરવામાં અમદાવાદમાં આવી ગઈ છે તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી, જે આપશે તમને ગરમીમાં શાંતિ. તમને સાઉન્ડ થેરપી શાંતિ આપી શકે છે. આ અવાજ

About the effective Phobia Cure (Neuro Linguistic Programming-NLP)

During NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Workshops, you learn how to identify fear (or in extreme case - a Phobia) !  Exaggerated fears (or Phobias) -whether of spiders, lizards, needles, snakes, heights, public speaking or even public or closed spaces-can not only interfere with daily life, they impact growth and more importantly the quality of daily life. Many individuals, who carry such fears of phobias assume they can't get rid of this !  However, modern techniques and processes (not medications !) make it possible to literally eliminate such fears.  A small case study (this was actually a demo during the NLP

Financial Wellness – Awaken the energy (Shakti) within !

We often talk about the need to be well - financially ! This article - written during the Navratri - calls for action.  I firmly believe, the woman of the home must take this up since there is an opportunity to feel empowered and also put the expertise into action. Let me begin with some statistics (Source: Economic Times, Sep 25, 2017, Article by Pooja Khanna). The study (conducted with 100 well-educated women) found the following: 92% of the women admitted that all financial decisions are taken by the male members (read: father and husband) of the family Most respondents

Managing Insomnia using a combination of Singing Bowls, Chanting & Breathing Techniques

Sleep Disorder or Insomnia: This is a very common problem of the modern world.  Constant thinking and anxiety, coupled with the use of modern gadgets and 24x7 lifestyle, our ability to slow down and unwind at the night is often impacted.  The studies have shown correlation between chronic stress, disrupted sleep (e.g. call centre workers who work at night) and imbalance in key hormones (e.g. cortisol and melatonin levels) resulting in sleep impairment.  Sleep is an important aspect of our autonomic nervous system recovery and must not be compromised. Lets look at two recent client experiences: This person (lets call

Our contribution as co-author (Book on Breast Cancer)

  Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies by Momentum Press LLC, New York Proud to share that the Wellness Space team has contributed to this book co-authored by Riri G Trivedi !   Chapter #7: Breast Cancer: Complementary Therapies is authored by Riri. The e-book is available HERE. http://www.momentumpress.net/books/breast-cancer-medical-treatment-side-effects-and-complementary-therapies  

Cricket and emotions – It’s all about the mind ! (Life Coaching Example)

It was a privilege to do a few sessions with senior and junior crickets at Gujarat Cricket Association. The initiative was also appreciated by the press. This is part of our effort in increasing awareness of the role emotions and mind play in our life. At the end of the season (when Gujarat lifted the Ranji Trophy for the first time), we realised that we were privileged to have worked with the bunch of talented players on their Himalayan quest and the achievement ! Enjoy the article....(First, in Oct 2016 before the season started and Second, in 2017 when the

Inner Child Healing – Past Trauma impacting daily life

Journey of a woman who had a complete breakdown due to past baggage of a childhood of loneliness, abuse, feeling of isolation and totally introverted personality. I could see the small child that she was, in the body of an adult - still struggling to seek her moms approval that she never got in all the years - bogged down by negativity while all along she had pulled through with a strong intellect and reasoning. Under the quiet demeanor there was a lot of suppressed anger - which came out in tears all the time...while there was a lot of

Testimonial – Managing through a phase of emotional turmoil (Hypnotherapy)

Sharing the experience of a client who came for hypnotherapy sessions in Singapore when I had gone there for my workshops. Young Chinese-Malay mother of 3 kids who was going through a lot of pain, hurt, sadness and negativity due to her husbands infidelity. We only had time to do 2 sessions but going by what she writes here, it seems it really helped! Each client comes to me with varied levels of receptivity and each one takes back different things - based on their readiness to heal. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a very simple yet powerful technique that

Impact of Sound Bath Meditation (with Singing Bowls)

Sound Bath Meditation Singing bowls (used for Sound Healing) create brain wave entrainment and brings extreme relaxation for body and the mind.  The harmonics of the sound aid the meditation process. How does sound bath meditation (with singing bowls impact you ?) Last year, we used GDV Bio-Well camera and observed the energy parameters of three individuals before and after meditation. The results - not surprising - are captured below with our interpretations. I hope this inspires you to come and join Sound Bath Meditation !  PS: This is not a research study but just an observation on an individual's energy

Story and testimonials – Inner Child Work & Healing from within

Story and testimonials - Inner Child Work & Healing from within Its definitely not a coincidence that after completing my 1st module of Inner Child Integration Training I have come back to 3 clients who had severely wounded inner children. One was a retd prof of psychology - whose childhood was full of physical abuse and violence. The little girl seeing the father beat up the mother and siblings on daily basis with a stick had decided she will be a fighter - will be strong and yet her little self was also carrying the guilt of not being able

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Testimonials of a non-believer who finally experienced extreme relaxation (sound healing), dealt with her negative emotions & learnt techniques (e.g. EFT) to address negativity ! Hi Riri - I hope this finds you well. I am sorry it took me so long to send you a thank you note. I am back in California and back to my routine busy life, but I am happy to report that the few sessions we had have gone a long way in helping me. I have a much more positive outlook and have been using some of the techniques you taught me. A few weeks ago

Coping with a break-up

A woman in late 20s, studying overseas who came for therapy sometime last year (2015) "Where did I go wrong? What did I do that drove him away? He said he loved me, then why did he leave me? Even after almost two years of my break up I just couldn’t accept the fact that he had left me. I was not able to move on. I tried various things to get on with my life. But nothing helped. How could I forget him after all I thought he was love of my life? But if he truly was love

Building Focus and Confidence !

Perspective from a young woman Everyone of us come across certain problems in life. Be it schools, colleges etc. Friends and peers might come our way which ultimately leads to distortions. I encountered a similar problem. With certain glitches relating to my friends, my entire focus moved away from my studies and a lot of energy in terms of thinking was let into these small issues with friends click to read more. Eventually, this thinking took the shape of anger and frustration. I felt like running away from some friends only because I was not able to deal with them.

Healing by Accepting the Past, respecting the Present and giving yourself the Future..

Healing by Accepting the Past, respecting the Present and giving yourself the Future.. Therapy is not just about addressing your problems or getting solutions...it is also not for those who are sick or disturbed....Therapy helps in accepting the past as it was and giving the strength and solutions for moving forward. Sharing the experience of a friend who says she need not be anonymous ! She had limited time, came for 2-3 sessions and yet whatever work we did, seems to have helped her in her own way........As a therapist I do not give answers or solutions - I can only

Overseas Client visited Ahmedabad for Therapy

She came with anxiety and stomach related issues. She wanted to be able to eat all her favourite foods that she was not able eat due to stomach not being able to digest all the heavy foods. She also had lots of past baggage she needed to let go and a lot of fear about others, what others will think and say about her. Fear was holding her back from expressing herself and also making her feel she was always unwell. She took a week of therapy (Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression sessions) and worked on her fears and stomach. Whatever



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