Sound Healing (Singing Bowls) workshop in Dubai – Jul 2018

Each sound healing workshop (singing bowls, breathing, humming & more)  is unique despite having a set curriculum. Dubai was no different.

Singing Bowls

In the sound healing master practitioner workshop, we had all the hypnotherapists and hence the questions, discussions was very different.It focused more on the healing, different modalities and also some work on self.

Naad Yoga workshops (Sound Healing) by Wellness Space covers a range of topics from Singing Bowls to Breathing to Humming and include both science and metaphysics of sound vibrations.

Singing Bowls, Breathing, Humming

If you notice the visual (graph), the blue bar shows increase in energy (just after a short practice of avg 15 mins, using 7 singing bowls, the data is avg of 5 individuals !).  Similarly the emotional pressure (light blue bar) decreases significantly. The combined effect (of increased energy and decreased emotional pressure) works to restore the much needed balance in nervous system thereby providing deep relaxation and time for recovery.

Icing on the cake was a full 5/5  by all participants (for Jul 27, 2018 workshop on Sound Healing Practitioner) for the question: How effective was the trainer in delivering the training? (5=Excellent, 1=Very disappointing)