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Society for Energy & Emotions

SEE is a Not-for-Profit, secular network and global forum to connect to share, reapply and scale energy & emotions knowledge/research/findings to create stronger positive impact to society.

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Vision: To increase the well-being of all people by integrating energy & emotion based wellness into lifestyle choices by providing scientific as well as established insights.

Mission: (1) To connect, educate, integrate and scale work of energy & emotion wellness. (2) To achieve measurable and tangible wellness benefits for everyone by promoting awareness and understanding of energy & emotions work via scientific findings AND findings from experience of therapists (3) To actively integrate & complement efforts of mind-body wellness using Pancha Kosha model

Contact: [email protected]

Acknowledgements: Puey Chin Chew for her work on the development of the Vision and the Mission and for her generous donations towards the intent of SEE.

Cofounders: Riri G Trivedi, Gunjan Y Trivedi


Dr Banshi Saboo, MBBS, MD, PhD. Diabetologist & Chairman, Dia Care, Ahmedabad, India

Milind R Agarwal, MBA, PhD. Founder & CEO, Quickwork, India

Shri Manoj Thakur, Managing Director, Vyasa Yoga Singapore Pte Ltd.

Dr Kathirvel S, MBBS, MD, Asst Prof, Dept of Community Medicine and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India

Anita Kumar, PhD, Retd. Assoc. Prof. & HOD(Psy.), Currently Assoc. Prof. & Research Guide, JJTU

Hemalatha Ramani, PhD (Econometrics)


Riri G Trivedi, Personal Transformation Therapist & Trainer, Phone:  +91.846.946.1144

Gunjan Y Trivedi, Life Coach, Phone: +91.957474.2288

Global Representatives

  Meenakshi Nair

Meenakshi Nair (Ph.D, IITD), Japan Representative, Phone: +818038319866

SEE Certifications

Society for Energy & Emotions is an IPHM* approved training provider. Our 200 Hr Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification as well as Sound Healing (Naad Yoga) certification is approved by IPHM.

*International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, UK

Workshops Certified by SEE

SEE Media, Publications & Presentations

Story of two A/C installations: Efficiency gap between India & developed countries (Divya Bhaskar 1)

બે એ/સી ઇન્સ્ટોલેશનની વાત: ભારત અને વિકસિત દેશો વચ્ચે કાર્યક્ષમતાનું અંતર In 2003, I bought an a/c for our home in Japan. After I completed the purchase, the cash register person asked me about the

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