Why and How of Regression Therapy (A perspective by Ririi G Trivedi): Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Work, Current or Past Life Regression

“When the present makes us ill, we may need medicine, physiotherapy, simple advice or change of conditions. But when past makes us ill, psychotherapy is necessary” – Hans Tendam in his book, Deep Healing

While Hypnotherapy is still better known, (thanks to stage shows and hypnotism ads – which are quite misleading anyways) Regression Therapy (Current or Past Life Regression) is hardly known among non-therapist community. Often Hypnotherapy is associated with fear and mind-control about which I have written in the past – today I want to write about Regression as a therapy because large part of my work ends up being in this domain.

Regression means going back. In Regression therapy we go back to the past. Many people argue –“Why go back into the past when its already over? Why should we go back to events we have forgotten or left behind?”. Technically we don’t go anywhere – we always remain in the present. By regressing to the past we only mean we recollect the events of the past that we still carry with us in the present and which still affect our behavior/attitude/habits. “We do not move back to past lives or past experiences but to the retained past we carry now. We move to things of the past that continue to interfere with us” Hans Tendam in his book Deep Healing.

In regression therapy we re-visit the events that may have been traumatic and in that state of trauma we may have made some decisions/beliefs that are still stuck with us – causing us problems in our present lives. E.g. If a child has been beaten and abused by his father in the past and now at age 40 feels he has grown out of it but has violent anger that is causing problems in his marriage – then we may have to revisit those past events when that anger was created. IN therapy we move through the event, understand its impact on our mind and body, work towards releasing its energetic impact, understand the implication of that event and its impact on our present lives and integrate the learning. A lot of our past is integrated into us – that’s how our learning’s happen. But some events stay alive in us – getting triggered at times and causing irrational and uncontrollable reactions or behaviors. These need to be resolved by therapy.

In Age Regression or Inner Child Regression we work with present life events. Right upto womb memories. Many wonder and ask in disbelief if fetus has memories and can understand things – and answer is yes. Many clients have regressed to memories of being in mother’s womb and feeling unwanted or not worthy – many feel the love and warmth too. Many recollect parents conversations while they were in the womb – causing them traumas or belief systems to form that early on. Even birthing experience and mother state of mind are often re-experienced and revived in regression.

“Lee Salk, child psychologist of Cornell University Medical College has researched teenagers who had committee suicide and concluded that teens who had killed themselves had suffered more medical problems during birth and their mothers had been ill more often during pregnancy. He concluded that problems that occur before or during birth increase ones susceptibility for stress. Morris Netherton, regression therapist found that people who feel isolated or have autistic traits were often born to mothers who had been unconscious during birth, or were taken rapidly to an incubator”- from Deep Healing by Hans Tandem (missing the initial physical bonding). Regressions to prenatal period often bring us to the root cause of many chronic psychological as well as physiological problems.

Past Life Regressions, in the same way help to work with phobias or hangovers that come from past lives. Behavioral patterns, chronic dreams or nightmares, birth marks, feelings of dejavu, or allergies also often come from past lives and Past Life Regressions are done to work with these. Just like in Current Life Regression or Age Regression, we only work on those past life memories that have stuck with us in the present or affecting our present.

We don’t use regression only to revisit painful memories. We often visit positive strong and powerful past events from this life or past lives – in order to anchor them and draw into those positive traits. Talent past lives inspire the client and many change their careers after such sessions! Many times current life memories that are positive and powerful (of confidence, courage, self worth, pride etc) are used in therapy for positive reinforcement and anchors are placed for the clients to use them when needed in future situations.

We often use deep hypnotic trance for accessing womb memories or past life memories. Many times trance is not even required as clients regress just by focusing on a specific emotion or body sensation or even a phrase! Lots of Regression Therapists do not use traditional hypnotic trance for therapy and prefer to use emotions or feelings to directly access past memories.

Lastly in the words of Hans “Regression is not about universal forgiveness or unconditional love. It is about understanding, acceptance and growth, it is about balance and full strength. IT is not about becoming able bodied but about become able –souled and able-spirited. Real character is freedom.”

Riri G Trivedi