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220 Hours Certification in Integrated Regression Therapy and Life Coaching


  • Riri G Trivedi
  • Gunjan Y Trivedi


24 days of classroom training, self-work and case studies.

Regression therapy & Life Coaching Certification
Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Journey and Pathways

Upcoming Workshops


Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification

(For Therapists)

Module 1 – The Journey Within (Virtual) – Jan 4-7 OR Feb 4-7
Module 3 – Healing the Child Within – Experiential -(Virtual) – Jan 15-17  & Jan 20-24

Experiential Workshops

(For everyone)

E1 – Same as above (Module 1)- Oct 12-16
E2 – Healing the Child Within – Experiential (Virtual) – Dec 15-18

One year ONLINE 200 Hrs

Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Certification

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Regression Therapy Mod 1

Module 1 – The Journey Within – Experiential Workshop

Foundation for Regression Therapy.  The Journey Within: Magic of Mindfulness & Journey within: Foundation, Mind & Mindfulness, Mind-body-connect, Emotional first-aid using tapping, Heart-Brain Coherence, The Journey within & SEE Protocol for Self-Hypnosis. Demos and self-practices. Evidence and implications.

Module 2 – Regression with Hypnotherapy Techniques (4 days or equivalent virtual)

1) Structure of mind 2) What is Hypnosis. 3) Components of Hypnotherapy 4) Steps for conducting a Hypnosis session – Induction, Deepeners, Suggestions and Anchoring, Waking up. 5) Use of Scripts and guided Imagery and selecting appropriate script and formulating suggestions using established techniques, 6) Use of hypnosis for Age Regression.8) Demo and Practise of Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy using scripts and Guided imagery 9) Contraindications and Requirements for conducting a Hypnosis session, 10) Anchoring and Future pacing 11) Demo and Practise of Regression for Fears / Phobias 12) Working with Relationship issues using Relationship Dramas

Module 3 – Healing the Child Within (4 days)

1) Emotional regulation & implications of suppressing the emotions 2) the concept of “Inner Child 3) stages of development 4) case studies 5) Dysfunctional families and implications 6) childhood trauma and brain development 7) practices, including measurements 8) future trends and possibilities 9) watch-out and client implications.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Module 4 – Client Centered Therapy & Advanced Techniques (4 days)

Using Perceptual positioning, Empty Chair, Parts work, Basics of Signature analysis and other advanced energy management techniques for client centric therapy

Module 5 – Past Life Regression Techniques (4 days)

To heal issues arising from past life and life between lives. Use of hypnosis and effect bridges to explore, heal, transform and integrate past life experiences into current life. Including metaphor therapy.

Module 6 – Life Coaching & Advanced Integration Techniques(6 days)

Integrated approach based on evidence based mind-body techniques to help clients work on Clinical and Psychological issues. Coaching. Goals, values, beliefs and more. Framework and structure needed to become a therapist. Techniques for basic financial management, marketing, client-centric work and skills for effective communication

This training is certified by Society for Energy & Emotions, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The certification process involves case study and work on the evidence based approach to integrate the work with psychiatry, psychology and client-specific problems. The participant is also expected to do the self-work to experience the benefits of the therapy and address challenges in his/her own life.

The training is evidence-based (versus just a set of methods that you have to believe in !) and leverages technology and modern scientific approaches to understand how the intervention is helping the individual. The facilitators have global experience in managing across unique cultures and provide perspective based on the scientific research for the participants. There is lot of emphasis on self-work since the therapist has to keep enhancing his/her own energy and emotions before he/she can assist others.

Society for Energy & Emotions is an IPHM* approved training provider. The 220 Hr Regression Therapy & Life Coaching certification as well as Sound Healing (Naad Yoga) certification from SEE are approved by IPHM.

The brief outline is captured below and the contents do change from time-to-time based on evidence and new findings !

Who is eligible for this training?

Basic graduate level education is desired.  Basic understanding of written and spoken English is desired. Demonstrations and practices will be in English, Gujarati and Hindi depending upon the group.  No psychology background is required.

What is unique about this training?

  • The facilitators have global experience spanning >10 years in this field.  They have integrated the best and the most effective mind-body practices from the existing global practices and scientific evidence.
  • There is strong focus on medical (physiological) and psychological perspective to wellness as well as testing the efficacy of these techniques.  This approach is missing from commonly available spiritual and energy healing trainings.
  • The trainers leverage globally accepted processes to validate the modalities that they teach.
  • The training is evidence based and backed by strong scientific research.
  • The training is a good mix of self-experience as well as practices and demonstrations.
  • The participants are expected to do self-work and case studies throughout the training to ensure quality and applicability of the work and self-development.
  • The qualification criteria is strict to maintain certain quality, ethics and not focus on the quantity.
  • Therapist would be certified only based on practical demonstrated skills and class room participations.
  • The training will constantly be upgraded as per new scientific evidence and studies.
  • Experts in the area of psychiatry, psychology etc will be invited as appropriate.

Brochure of the Training


Brief overview of Wellness Space

Wellness Space focuses on regression therapy, inner child therapy, coaching, sound healing (with singing bowls), executive coaching, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and past life regression through individual & team transformation.

Common challenges we help with include anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, stress, goal setting, identifying life purpose and any situations mainly driven by emotions and energy. We have helped many individuals, top executives and corporates in the area of mind based therapies. Our publications, case studies related to quality of life and chronic disease and the global experience enables us to provide meaningful solutions to our client based on scientific evidence.

Wellness Space has chosen to innovate and explore ways to measure the effectiveness of our work related to human energy and emotions. This is managed by understanding and measuring human physiology, energy and emotions via the measurement of Heart Rate Variability, human bio-field and established surveys. Some technologies and surveys include heart rate variability (HRV) and ECG devices, Bio-Well GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) device for measuring bio-field, emotional pressure and human energy, surveys such as WHO-5 wellbeing and so on. Such tools provide us not only where to probe but also identify what’s working and how is the client responding to the interventions.

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