SEE Protocol workshop July

What is SEE Protocol? This protocol is taught during Module 1 of our Integrated Certification on Regression Therapy & Life Coaching.  This active meditation or self-hypnosis process was designed to invoke several important physiological and emotional states which are likely to improve HRV and therefore enhance emotional regulation [i]. The coherence through humming (simple monotonous nasal sound at a comfortable breathing length) and slow coherent breathing increase the high amplitude oscillations that have a causal impact on the emotional regulation.  Evidence also demonstrated that self-hypnosis or auto-suggestions have a positive impact on emotional regulation even for individuals with low suggestibility

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Phobia of Dogs – case study of workshop participant

Phobia of Dogs - case study of workshop participant One of the core elements of our Module 4 (Integrated Regression Therapy & Life Coaching Training Certification) is Fast Phobia Cure technique and the methodology of Memory Reconsolidation to address traumatic memories.  We are happy to share the outcome from one of the participants, Anagha Nagpal on phobia of dogs.  She worked on an individual who had "Severe" phobia of dogs as per DSM V Severity measure for Specific phobia.  After several weeks and a couple of follow-up sessions, the client's phobia reduced to "None" and the icing on the cake

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Become a Certified Regression Therapist and a Life Coach

One Year Online Program for Regression Therapy & Life Coach Certification 6 modules, over 12 months. Starting January 2021 At Society for Energy & Emotions, Wellness Space, our focus is on providing evidence-based (scientific) therapeutic and coaching experience to our clients.  We have trained more than 300 therapists in the area of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Sound Healing and more.  In 2017, we designed our own curriculum and launched it in the subsequent year. Corona pandemic created more demand of the therapists and after initial experimentation and learnings, we are now ready to launch this program FULLY ONLINE! What?

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The Journey Within – Virtual Workshop (M1: Oct or Nov dates, India)

Module 1 – The Journey Within – Learn self-hypnosis, manage emotions and energy Duration: 12 Hours over 4 days Venue: In your own home! To register: [email protected] or +919099853844 Please note that the timing may change based on participant availability so if you are interested and have a conflict with timing, please register and we may be able to accommodate a win-win for all. This experiential workshop (The Journey Within – Learn self-hypnosis, manage emotions and energy) is the first module towards certification of “Integrated Regression Therapist” and “Life Coach” by SEE (Society for Energy and Emotions) offered at

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Hypnotherapy Week, A’bad – Mar 2020

Clinical Hypnotherapy week covering hypnotherapy techniques and regression therapy The facilitator Riri G Trivedi is a Personal Transformation Therapist.  Riri is a Trainer, Therapist, Author, Certified Mentor and Coach from Heart Math Institute.  She is a Professional Certified Member of IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA), EARTh (Earth Association of Regression Therapy), Spiritual Regression Training Academy, UK, Heart Math Institute, USA and SVYASA Yoga, Singapore.  She has co-authored a book on Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies.  The workshops integrate research based concepts and practices.  This is a unique training and provides strong foundation for self-development as

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