NLP Practitioner’s Workshop in Ahmedabad (Apr 2019)


When:  Apr 5-7, 12-14 (Fri-Sun).  Timing: Fri 5pm to 9pm, Sat/Sun: Full Day Please contact us +91.9574742288 if you are interested in joining. E Facilitator: Gunjan Y Trivedi Registrations:  Whatsapp +91.9574742288 or Course Fees: INR 35000 (excluding taxes) What is NLP (Neuro linguistic programming)? Today NLP is described as: A Collection of Communication skills A series of sales techniques A way of questioning that allows you to uncover information that is missing, unconscious or hidden, so that you can understand a communication fully A set of beliefs that allows humans to grow A collection of skills for influencing people while maintaining

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Discover-Heal-Transform @ PDPU


PDPU School of Liberal Arts and Society for Energy & Emotions jointly present a unique workshop that provides practical application of psychology.  You an learn and experience the tools and techniques for working on the self ad also on others using mind-based therapies. Contents: Understanding the mind Mind, Emotions, Energy and impact on health Introduction to Mind-Based Modalities e.g. Hypnotherapy Regression Therapies – Current life and Past Life Inner Child Integration Therapy Practices: Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy for positive change Relationship Dramas Inner Child Healing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)   DISCOVER the inner working of your mind and body HEAL the

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Singing Bowl (Sound Healing) Workshops in Singapore (Mar 23-26)


Singing Bowls (Sound Healing) workshops in Singapore – Mar 2019 Gunjan Y Trivedi will be in Singapore (Mar 2019) to conduct sound healing workshops with Singing Bowls, Breath and Sound Healing. Wellness Space has an integrated certification program for Sound Healing. First level (Practitioner level) focuses on singing bowls (basic techniques) and the principles (art and the science) of sound healing. Second stage goes into the depth of singing bowls modalities and introduces chanting and breathing. This level (Master Practitioner) also incorporates the use of various technologies and qualitative methods to evaluate the progress of the client. It prepares the

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Singing Bowl (Naad Yoga/Sound Healing) Workshop in A’bad (Mar 29-31)


Singing Bowl (Naad Yoga/Sound Healing) Workshop in A'bad (Mar 29-31) Contact : or call +91.9574742288 Logistics & Fees: Mar 129 (Fri), Level 1 (930am to 630am), Rs 5,000. Mar 30-31 (Sat-Sun), Level 2 (10am to 6pm) Rs 10,000. Sound Practitioner Certification is a certified course in Sound Healing using Himalayan Singing Bowl. This is first of the total three courses leading to Sound Master Practitioner (Naad Yoga 2) and eventually Sound Advanced Practitioner (Naad Yoga 3) certification. Venue: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad Facilitator: Gunjan Trivedi (Life Coach, Sound Healer) has 20 years of global experience (lived in Japan, Singapore, China and the US.

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