Perspectives on Anxiety & Regression Therapy

In recent times the number of people reaching us out for Anxiety problems are increasing. Many are anxious about health and wellbeing, some have extreme anxiety about death while others report generalised anxiety that is constant with physical symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, breathlessness, excessive negative thoughts or going completely blank. This article shares our perspectives on Anxiety & Regression Therapy. First and foremost we must understand that Anxiety is not the problem itself - it is the Culmination of a problem or imbalance. Anxiety is body's way of showing alarm signals for something that is off balance since a

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Financial Wellness – Methodology for Stock Portfolio using Pareto and Quadrant Analysis

Background: This write-up is part of what we call "Financial Wellness".  Many of us blindly pursue an investment strategy based on a family advisor or an agent who makes lot of money and provides some assistance. The framework (developed by Raj Mehta) provides insights on assessing the portfolio and identifying ways to enhance the health of the portfolio.  The financial wellness is NOT financial freedom NOR it has anything to do with investment. It is about how you feel related to your finances.  The details below provides you a methodology to assess your health and in the process enhance the

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The Dangerous Trap of Positive Thinking

THE DANGEROUS TRAP OF POSITIVE THINKING! Power of positive thinking has been well accepted and to some extent over rated and exaggerated to the point that a lot of times it leads people to more suppression’s and repression’s as well as disassociations I often times meet clients who have a host of physical issues - lot of them psychosomatic and yet who insist they have been very positive thinkers, their life has been like a fairy tale and their childhood has been nothing less than a wonderland. Then how come the body has manifested so much of illness and why??

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Sound Practitioner Certification using Singing Bowls (Dec 18, A’bad, India)

Sound Practitioner Certification using Singing Bowls (Nada Yoga 1) Sound Practitioner Certification is a certified course in Sound Healing using Himalayan Singing Bowl.  This is first of the total three courses leading to Sound Master Practitioner (Nada Yoga 2) and eventually Sound Advanced Practitioner (Nada Yoga 3) certification. Why Sound Healing? Contact : [email protected] or call 9574742288 Logistics: Dec 18 (Sunday), 9am to 6pm Energy Exchange: Rs 5000 (incl. light lunch and a manual) Venue: Wellness Space, 119c Swastik Society, Lane Opp Samved Hospital, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009 Facilitator: Gunjan Trivedi (Life Coach, Sound Healer) has 20 years of global experience (lived in Japan,

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