Building resilience to increase physical and emotional workload for sportspersons with HRV


Heart’s parameters (especially heart rate and variability i.e. HR and HRV) have been used for a long time to monitor athlete’s fitness levels and also recovery from previous workouts.  Any additional physical workload or stress usually impairs HRV (since sympathetic drive or increased physical or emotional workload reduces HRV and parasympathetic drive or recovery increases the HRV).  Similarly, a rest (or recovery) after the exercise usually improves HRV. How can I use HRV? At Wellness Space, we work with athletes (e.g. crickets, badminton players and also individuals who just want to build fitness levels !) for building the resilience and

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Our contribution as co-author (Book on Breast Cancer)


  Breast Cancer: Medical Treatment, Side Effects, and Complementary Therapies by Momentum Press LLC, New York Proud to share that Wellness Space team has contributed in this book co-authored by Riri G Trivedi !   Chapter #7 : Breast Cancer: Complementary Therapies is authored by Riri. The e-book will be available soon on this link !  Print version to follow.  

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Cricket and emotions – It’s all about the mind ! (Life Coaching Example)


It was a privilege to do a few sessions with senior and junior crickets at Gujarat Cricket Association. The initiative was also appreciated by the press. This is part of our effort in increasing awareness of the role emotions and mind play in our life. At the end of the season (when Gujarat lifted the Ranji Trophy for the first time), we realised that we were privileged to have worked with the bunch of talented players on their Himalayan quest and the achievement ! Enjoy the article....(First, in Oct 2016 before the season started and Second, in 2017 when the

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….of Love & Marriages…..


……OF LOVE & MARRIAGES I am totally not surprised at the number of clients who come to me complaining about their marriage & spouse. Many times they see their spouses as their biggest problems – from not feeling loved to emotional or physical abuse to complaining inlaws etc etc – the spectrum of complains is very wide. And it is the same irrespective of whether the marriage was a love marriage or arranged marriage. Just like Gary Chapman in his book ‘5 Love Languages’ says – all that ‘in love’ experience ends after first 2 yrs – and both types

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