Newspaper coverage: Singing bowls and anxiety/depression

Following article captures the ideas and quoted Gunjan for the work we have done in the area of lifestyle choices, its impact on key mind-body systems and how singing bowls and humming can be leveraged to reduce anxiety and depression through relaxation response. Ideas based on several of our studies are captured, specifically The three systems, lifestyle choices and how they interact to create an imbalance that begins the journey towards disease[1].  How these changes (imbalance), driven by lifestyle choices, impact the immune system [2]. Implications of relaxation response (ability to achieve quality mind-body relaxation) on the overall health and

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Singing Bowls Research update (Feb 2021)

Participants feedback after going through meditation session with singing bowls Singing Bowls Research update (Feb 2021) A recent review [1] that included singing bowls research highlights several underlying mechanisms behind the impact of singing bowls on the mind and the body. The brain waves are likely to change significantly during the sound healing.  The hypothesis indicates that the brain waves may change from a normal or agitated state to a very relaxed state such as theta or delta waves.  This can happen during the singing bowls relaxation session or while listening to calming music. The binaural beats' impact

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Guided imagery and affirmations in self-hypnosis – Frequently Asked Questions

“Anything in life can fail you, but not the sankalpa made with determination, will, perseverance and sincerity”. (Bihar School of Yoga)[1]. What is self-affirmation? Does it work? Across the globe, in different fields, affirmations or “sankalpa” have been incorporated and validated in various forms.  Some examples are captured below: A recent research in “Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience” journal reported that: “A large body of literature; however, demonstrates that a class of interventions called self-affirmations have benefits across threatening situations; affirmations can decrease stress, increase wellbeing, improve academic performance and make people more open to behavior change”[2]. Yoga nidra experts

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Heart Brain Coherence (Heart Rate Variability), Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Experiential Talk 4 Heart Brain Coherence (Heart Rate Variability), Wellbeing and Lifestyle during Covid Isolation Heart Brain Coherence or in technical terms, Heart Rate Variability or HRV (Beat-to-beat variations in Heart’s electrical signals) has emerged as an important parameter to measure health and wellbeing.  Healthy lifestyle choices are linked to increased coherence and therefore increased physical and emotional wellbeing.  This short talk covers the concept of Heart-Brain Coherence, HRV, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle choices.  This will include short practice on how to increase HRV. Facilitator: Gunjan Y Trivedi & Riri G Trivedi When: Saturday, Jan 2, 8pm to 9pm (India

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The Power of Guided Imagery

The Power of Guided Imagery The use of imagination while evoking the relaxation response is known to create changes in mental and physiological processes. This process (also known as imagery or visualisation used in multiple modalities such as Yoga Nidra, self-hypnosis, relaxation response), used with progressive muscle relaxation is likely to promote greater belief and expectations to achieve healthy intentions. Studies show that guided imagery helps in reducing the symptoms of pain, anxiety and other mental health conditions.  It has also been used to enhance the sports performance and improve emotional regulation. This talk covers how guided imagery can be

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