OCD and Regression Therapy

She was a surprise package! She found us out from Google during Covid lockdown and contacted us for online therapy sessions for OCD and Regression Therapy.


The individual had severe negativity and anger towards her in-laws. She felt that her husband never took her side and always sided his parents. There was also a feeling of being trapped in a love marriage for which she had fought with her parents and got married! Her issues with in-laws had worn down her spirits and reduced her confidence which she always had, till recently. She was a working woman and her work related stress was also adding to her troubles. Her confidence was 3/10. Well-being Index was 0% and Anxiety was Severe at 20. Her Depression scale was 46% which is Major Depression.

Upon starting therapy, she told me that she had OCD – she felt the need to keep washing her hands all the time. She also would lock herself in her room all day and would come out only at night when everyone in her family slept. At that point, she would start cleaning. She had the OCD to keep cleaning her house all the time and she would do it in the middle of the night as she could barely sleep for 2-3 hours at night. There was anger – lots of it.

Usually when clients come to us with Anxiety or OCD we do not directly work on the anxiety or OCD but we start addressing all the peripheral issues. We have come to understand that anxiety and OCD are the outcome of the problem – that is how the problem manifests and shows itself – but they are not the cause or the reason of the problem. The reasons are usually childhood trauma, or strong fears and phobias or negative emotions like anger, sadness etc. that have remained for a prolonged period of time in the client’s mind-body system. All these negative events and emotions eventually end up unbalancing the mind-body system and then it shows up as Anxiety and/or OCD.

The intervention:

Virtually, we did 3 sessions with her – online for OCD and Regression Therapy. The childhood events that had caused her to be very angry also needed work. The role play and energy matrix where she moved around taking positions of her in-laws, husband etc. and understood their perspectives. We also used guided imagery and anchoring to work on her confidence. We used body work to release the charge of these negative emotions from the body and Re framing techniques to help her integrate and re frame those events in a positive framework

The results:

OCD and Regression Therapy

Her scores after just 3 sessions are astounding!! She also confirms she feels the change and her relationships have completely changed!! Both her OCDs have vanished. She sleeps well entire night (in fact she started sleeping early and waking up early too!) and she has started coming out of her room, cooking and interacting with her in-laws. She had one big confrontation with her husband but was able to handle it well and since then things are smooth.

The Confidence after 3 sessions went up to 8/10 while her well-being index went up from 0% to 36% and her Anxiety reduced from 20 (severe) to 12 (moderate). Her Depression scale reduced from 46% (Severe) to 8% (No Depression)

We still need to work on anxiety and bring it down to 0 or 1 and ideally well-being index up to 70-80% and will share the results again after 2 sessions.

Why do we share this?

The reason for sharing this is to share our leanings that OCD and Anxiety can easily be worked upon using Regression Techniques. There is no need for medications in cases of OCD. In fact, medicines have proven to be quite ineffective for OCD specifically. Working with OCD, in our experience, needs to be focused on first addressing all the peripheral fears and phobias and addressing all other negative emotions that the person has experienced time and again. These eventually show up as OCD or Anxiety. This requires time and patience. With this client we were able to achieve such good results in just 3 sessions. For other clients we have required more no of sessions. But we have successfully helped OCD patients in the past as well using Regression Techniques – specifically focused on “Release from Body and Re-frame in the Mind

Riri Trivedi

Regression Therapist and Trainer

Client’s review

I was going through a very confusing spot in my life, i have great great parents, great in-laws & the best husband & still i had this aching feeling in my heart all the time. I got to know about riri mam through a friend who asked me to google her. i am so grateful to her that even in the position when we were living in two different cities & due to lockdown i couldn’t come to Ahmedabad for my sessions, she helped me out through video calls & constantly kept a check on me on how i was doing


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