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Free Meditation @ Wellness Space, Ahmedabad (Sound Bath Meditation)

Upcoming Sessions in 2018: 7pm @ Wellness Space

Sep 25 (Tue), Oct 9 (Fri), Oct 24 (Tue), Nov 7 (Wed), Nov 23 (Fri), Dec 7 (Fri), Dec 22(Sat)

Watch-out: If you are expecting a child or have pacemaker installed or have epilepsy or if you have any metal parts in the body due to surgery, please contact us first and do not walk into the sound bath meditation session.

The idea of opening up our space for free meditation was inspired by Brahmarshi Patriji of Pyramid Valley. We meet up every 2 weeks, on the full moon day and the new moon day at 7pm. We start at sharp 7pm, use singing bowls and some guided instructions to calm the mind.  We have made an attempt to measure human energy and stress levels during such events and you can review the results below.  The intent of such FREE events is to encourage individuals to meditate and experience the benefits of meditation themselves.  The measurement (and analysis) is helping us convince more and more individuals to join.

What’s our vision?

Our vision is to encourage such centers to host free events across the cities.  They can either just do simple meditation or they can use singing bowls and use sound to achieve deeper relaxation & calmness of the mind.  We hope that some day, more and more spaces (in nearby locations) will be available to the citizens so they can go and meditate together !

How does sound bath meditation impact you ?

Singing bowls (used for Sound Healing) create brain wave entrainment and bring extreme relaxation for body and the mind. Participants usually experience calmness of mind and also feel more relaxed.  This increases their overall energy and reduces stressIn other words, the multiple harmonics of the sound wave result in changes in our brain waves.  By attuning to the sound waves, the human brain activates alpha and theta waves and when this happens the mind becomes relaxed. When the mind is relaxed, we activate parasympathetic system which achieves deep relaxation resulting in a homeostasis. 

Results from year 2016 are captured in the graph  to provide you with an idea of how our energy levels increase (with reduction in stress levels) after meditation. We have noticed average increase (in the energy levels) of about 12% after sound bath meditation (compared to 17% decrease when individuals attend a lecture !).  The stress levels (emotional pressure) after the meditation reduces by about 14% (compared to attending a lecture where the stress level goes down by only about 3%!)

To find out how sound healing helps restore the balance, click here.

How do we measure energy and stress ?

We have used GDV Bio-Well camera and observed the energy parameters of three individuals before and after meditation. The results – not surprising – available by clicking here.   We also use Heart Rate Variability (click here to find out more about HRV) to understand how sound energy affects markers of human autonomic nervous system.

I hope this inspires you to come and join Free Meditation @ Wellness Space, Ahmedabad.