Financial Wellness – The commonsense Approach (Jan 26, A’bad)

Some of you who joined the seminar in May 2016 (about 1.5 years ago). Do you realize, the BSE Sensex has gain >36% since them (which means some of the top funds and stocks have gain much more compared to this average of 36%) !

Are you always blaming everyone (or your own inhibitions) when it comes to financial wellness? Do you think you can’t fly a paper plane because you don’t know rocket science !!!! ?

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a) What is commonsense in financial wellness? Why? (10 min recap of what we talked in 2016)
b) Learning from history (this is easy to do even though history doesn’t guarantee a repeat)
c) 1-2-3 of commonsense investing
d) Q&A and discussions

When: Jan 26, 5pm to 7pm

Energy Exchange: Free !  (RSVP !)

Location: Wellness Space, Ahmedabad

Conducted by Gunjan Trivedi

(Gunjan does NOT offer investment services and hence he has no conflict of interest in recommending various financial alternatives. He consults on overall health and well-being including financial wellness).