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What happens to my heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) during Sound Bath Meditation?


For many years, we conduct Free Meditation @ Wellness Space (also known as Sound Bath Meditation using Singing Bowls, details here). From time to time, we do simple studies to understand how the body and the mind responds to such meditations.  This article shares a case study of an individual before, during and after meditation with the focus on key parameters of our nervous system (heart rate, heart rate variability). Dr Chirag Zaveri, who comes regularly for the free meditation agreed to participate in this simple study and also consented when we asked if we could share his name on

What happens to my heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) during Sound Bath Meditation?2018-12-09T03:49:44+00:00

Effect of Zikr on Heart Rate Variability


It is a well - documented fact that praying or any form of chanting, has a powerful effect on a person’s mind, and through it, their physiology. As is known, physiology deals with the functions and activities of all living matter, and the related physical and chemical activities. It is documented that chanting affects the human physiology in a positive manner. In - order to verify this belief, Wellness Space carried out a case study in April 2018. The intention was to evaluate the positive physiological impact through a scientific method, using the HRV as the measure. Zikr, also known

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Managing our emotions and energy using Heart Rate Variability


An example of how to interpret our daily routine using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and identify areas of opportunity for enhancing overall well-being.  The following individual started measuring the morning (3 min) heart rate variability (using Polar H-10 device and EliteHRV app) to understand how the stress and recovery can  be managed for overall well-being.  The data clearly shows very poor management of stress (low HRV, higher heart rate and so on).  The X-axis identifies what caused the increase or decrease in HRV.  Based on this data, the conclusions were made and the intervention was identified to address the problems.

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Impact of Sound Bath Meditation (with Singing Bowls)


Sound Bath Meditation Singing bowls (used for Sound Healing) create brain wave entrainment and brings extreme relaxation for body and the mind.  The harmonics of the sound aid the meditation process. How does sound bath meditation (with singing bowls impact you ?) Last year, we used GDV Bio-Well camera and observed the energy parameters of three individuals before and after meditation. The results - not surprising - are captured below with our interpretations. I hope this inspires you to come and join Sound Bath Meditation !  PS: This is not a research study but just an observation on an individual's energy

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Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera


Understanding the effectiveness of a therapy using GDV Bio-Well Camera Acknnowledgement: This study was conducted by Dr Gan Bo of Accuteen Academy, Singapore at Vyasa Yoga Singapore. We often get asked, especially by the skeptics – “How do you know that your therapy has worked ?” There are various methods to understand how the therapy is working. First and the foremost, the client feedback on how he/she feels, what is the level of negative emotion (has it gone away?) or what is the sense on the positive emotion (i.e. feeling confident, feeling in control and so on).  The second approach – especially when there are

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Integrating Singing Bowls into Yoga Practice or Yoga Therapy


Singing Bowls make a great addition to any yoga practice. As we all know that yoga covers eight limbs and is aimed at achieving higher states of meditation. In other words, the mind becomes more balanced with yoga practice.  The sound vibrations, as described in Nada Yoga practices, help us achieve calmer states of the mind. Some initial ideas are captured below but do not limit yourself to these ideas only !  You can learn the basics and based on that leverage the sound vibrations to further enhance your own yoga practice or therapy. Use of 3 bowls: Usually, the

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Stress Management – Why, how and what?


We often deal with clients or teams who are stressed and have often not realized the impact the stress has on the mind and body.  Many individuals are not able to relate to their emotions or just go on with life very mechanically or are looking for a spark or external triggers to keep them happy.  The article articulates what is stress and how chronic stress has a significant impact on our mind and body. What is Stress? Stress is our “response” to any kind of demanding situation.  This situation can be (1) real danger (facing a lion) or (2)

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