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Hypnotherapy week (EKAA Certified) – Singapore – Sep 2018


Keen to Learn Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) in  Singapore? A unique opportunity to learn Hypnotherapy L1 and L2 in Sep. Everyone who wants to make a difference in his or her life and also extend the helping hand to others can learn hypnotherapy ! Please see details about EKAA’s global affiliations and recognition across many countries globally (www.ekaa.co.in) or write to riri@wellness-space.net or or call+65 9199 2684 hypnotherapy week

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Sound Healing (Singing Bowls) workshops in Singapore – Oct 2018


Gunjan Y Trivedi will be in Singapore (Oct 2018) to conduct sound healing (Naad Yoga) workshops with Singing Bowls, Breath and Sound Healing. Wellness Space has an integrated certification program for Sound Healing. First level (Practitioner level) focuses on singing bowls (basic techniques) and the principles (art and the science) of sound healing. Second stage goes into the depth of singing bowls modalities and introduces chanting and breathing. This level (Master Practitioner) also incorporates the use of various technologies and qualitative methods to evaluate the progress of the client. It prepares the participant to demonstrate and explain the power of

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Sound Healing (Singing Bowls) workshop in Dubai – Jul 2018


Each sound healing workshop (singing bowls, breathing, humming & more)  is unique despite having a set curriculum. Dubai was no different. In the sound healing master practitioner workshop, we had all the hypnotherapists and hence the questions, discussions was very different.It focused more on the healing, different modalities and also some work on self. Naad Yoga workshops (Sound Healing) by Wellness Space covers a range of topics from Singing Bowls to Breathing to Humming and include both science and metaphysics of sound vibrations. Singing Bowls, Breathing, Humming If you notice the visual (graph), the blue bar shows increase

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Metaphor Therapy Workshop by Kirti Bakshi (A’bad, Aug 11-12)


Metaphor Therapy workshop by Kirti Bakshi in Ahmedabad @ Wellness Space. When: Aug 10 to 11 (10am to 6pm) Where: Wellness Space, 119-c Swastik Society, Lane Opp Samved Hospital, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009 Charges: Rs. 10,500 Contact: +91.846.946.1144 or info@wellness-space.net Topics covered: Human Mind & Metaphors Research Findings in general on Metaphors Nature & Color Psychology Drawing Interpretations as prospective tools Interpreting Imaginations for insight building process Spotting Verbal Metaphors and Development Therapies using the client generated Metaphors Metaphorical Visualizations Closure Techniques using Basics of Eco-therapy and Indian Philosophy Who will benefit from this workshop? Corporate managers Team leaders Recruitment analysis

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Self Regulation Techniques for Wellness – (Jul 13 & 15)


Self regulation is the best was to manage long term health and well-being.  This workshop focuses on few simple but powerful techniques that you can learn and regularly practice.  The focus will be on understanding why self regulation is important, what is self regulation and what are the techniques ? You will understand specific breathing, chanting and neural regulation techniques to enhance your quality of life and learn how to manage your energy and emotions more effectively.  For example, we all learn breathing techniques, however, we often do not focus on specific breathing process that could maximize the benefit for

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Sound Healing (Singing Bowls) workshops in Dubai – Jul 2018


Gunjan Y Trivedi will be in Dubai in Jul 2018 to conduct workshops in Singing Bowls, Breath and Sound Healing.   For further details go through the background and the link below. Gunjan's introduction It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure we introduce to you, Mr. Gunjan Trivedi. Gunjan has pursued wellness for over a decade. He is also a Certified NLP Trainer (ANLP India, ECNLP), Advanced Life Coach, a Trainer in Sound Healing (using Himalayan Singing Bowls) and a Certified Yoga Instructor.Kindly find details on all of the exciting events and sessions that he will be facilitating from 23rd to 30th

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Free Meditation @ Wellness Space (Full moon & New Moon Days)


Free Meditation @ Wellness Space, Ahmedabad (Sound Bath Meditation) Upcoming Sessions in 2018: 7pm @ Wellness Space (119c Swastik Society, Lane Opposite Samved Hospital, Navrangpura) Jun 28 (Thu), Jul 13 (Fri), Jul 27 (Fri), Aug 11 (Sat), Aug 26 (Sun), Sep 9 (Sun) Watch-out: If you are expecting a child or have pacemaker installed or have epilepsy or if you have any metal parts in the body due to surgery, please contact us first and do not walk into the sound bath meditation session. The idea of opening up our space for free meditation was inspired by Brahmarshi Patriji of Pyramid Valley. We

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Measuring stress levels (emotional pressure) of a corporate team


We often get questions on how do we understand the person's current state (emotional pressure aka stress, state of mind, energy levels etc). The graph shows (actual) results of a few top corporate executives.  (In case you are keen to learn more about stress and its effects on us, click here to read the article on Stress) The figure shows "Emotional Pressure" (in Joule measured using Bio-Well GDV device for several corporate executives) So what? The color indicates that some of the individuals are quite calm and relaxed (color green-individuals A, F, G) and the others are stressed (more emotional

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News18 Gujarati Coverage – April 2018


News18 Gujarati review of Sound Healing/Naad Yoga.   https://gujarati.news18.com/news/india/tibetan-sound-therapy-for-the-rest-of-the-mind-in-the-heat-sj-752046.html ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી અપનાવો ગરમીમાં મન શાંત રહે એ માટેની તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી. News18 Gujarati Updated: April 2, 2018, 10:07 PM IST દીપિકાબહેન ખુમાણ ઋતુમાં બદલાવ આવતાં વ્યક્તિના સ્વભાવમાં બદલાવ જોવા મળે છે એટલે જ તો ઉનાળાની ઋતુ એવી ઋતુ છે, જેમાં તમને સૌથી વધારે ઝઘડા કરતા લોકો અથવા અકસ્માત જોવા મળશે. આવી ઋતુમાં તમારા સ્વભાવને શાંત કરવા અને તમારા શરીરનાં ચક્રોને કાબૂમાં કરવામાં અમદાવાદમાં આવી ગઈ છે તિબેટિયન સાઉન્ડ થેરપી, જે આપશે તમને ગરમીમાં શાંતિ. તમને સાઉન્ડ થેરપી શાંતિ આપી શકે છે. આ અવાજ

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Effect of Zikr on Heart Rate Variability


It is a well - documented fact that praying or any form of chanting, has a powerful effect on a person’s mind, and through it, their physiology. As is known, physiology deals with the functions and activities of all living matter, and the related physical and chemical activities. It is documented that chanting affects the human physiology in a positive manner. In - order to verify this belief, Wellness Space carried out a case study in April 2018. The intention was to evaluate the positive physiological impact through a scientific method, using the HRV as the measure. Zikr, also known

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